Tammy trained under The Elijah Challenge

On March 3, 2005 teacher Tammy began Great Commission Training for her students in the Christian Club at Helms Middle School. Part of the training involved teaching the students how to heal the sick in Jesus’ name as a demonstration that He is the only way to heaven. In Luke 10:9 Jesus commanded His disciples to “heal the sick, and tell them the Kingdom of God is near.”

The meeting was climaxed with demonstrations of the healing power of the name of Jesus and the powerful testimony of Youth Pastor Tim Agnello. At the invitation to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, all forty-eight of the students went forward. Allysa McNutt then led them in prayer. This was the greatest miracle of the day: the seed of salvation planted in so many at once.

As the student prayer team ministered to the infirm with mountain-moving faith, there were three confirmed healings. Five weeks ago, Luis Cabriales fell two stories and crushed his vertebrae as he escaped the flames of his burning house. “I still felt pain in my back especially when playing football. After students prayed over me, I’ve been able to play without any pain.”

Many years ago Emily was diagnosed with a rare disease called sarcodosis which attacks the organs, joints and vision. She has an artificial eye in the right socket, and was severely impaired in the other. She could not read a standard size clock ten feet away. After Alyssa ministered to her, she was able to read the cafeteria clock from a distance of fifty feet. “I’m excited to tell my family,” Emily said. Another student named Abel was delivered of his cold symptoms.

Students now come to the meetings with child-like faith. They are discipled and equipped with the ministry of Jesus for advancing His Kingdom.

Reports from Tammy, California Schoolteacher

Some of the student testimonies:

Priscilla Chen: “Witnessing God’s power during the training and on March 3rd has been amazingly indescribable to me. I have a deeper interest in reading the Bible now.

Kisha Crawford: “One year ago my grandma died, and I began having problems with my dad. One Sunday a friend brought me to church and the pastor preached a sermon on trusting God. The miracles I saw during the Great Commission training and presentation helped me believe God is real and that I can trust His word when He says don’t be afraid.”

Sheretta Meyers: “One day, Jesus healed me then used me to minister healing to another. The miracles I witnessed increased my faith in God.”

Allysa McNutt (a ninth grader from De Amza High School who helps lead the Club): I came to know the Lord only a year and a half ago, and God did a ‘180’ in my heart and began using me right away. It was cool to work with the middle-school students and be part of it all.”

“Go into the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere.” Mark 16:15