“We are delighted to write this report regarding a memorable day for the precious children at our Elijah Challenge orphanage. They are experiencing God’s manifold blessing every day. This month our orphanage will have been in operation for 4 years. Within these four years an amazing development has taken place for our children. It is the Lord’s wonderful grace.

On February 4, 2017—our Annual Day Celebration—our Sebika performed a special Odishi dance, a well-known Indian cultural dance. Her performance impressed the District-level dignitaries and the people present. They were amazed to see the precision of her performance. Altogether Sebika received first prize in singing, in dancing as well as in academic performance. The District Education Officer awarded her the All-Around Seal.


Sebika (13 years old)

Sebika receiving an award

Our four girls Tapani, Rebika, Priskila and Ajanti also performed the stick dance. They all received the 1st and 2nd prizes in the math game, in track and for their debate performance. All our girls received awards for their excellence performance. Even our little girl Priya received two prizes.


Two Christian songs were played in the public school, perhaps for the first time in history.

Our three boys Shyam, Kiran and Subhankar also received prizes for performing a tribal dance. Overall our fourteen children received academic, song competition, high jump, long jump, frog jump prizes, etc.



Extraordinary supernatural blessings from God

It is really amazing that none of our children are from our town of Bhawanipatna, but rather all come from poor remote villages having no access roads and no electricity. Nevertheless they performed so wonderfully in front of the Bhawanipatna dignitaries. They outperformed the local children who have parents and a good background. This fact amazed the teachers and the dignitaries.

This is only the grace of God through your prayers. Thank you so much for your support, which not only changes the lives of the children now but will likely provide a bright future for them.

The transformation of Sebika

We remember four years ago at the beginning of the orphanage when we were taking photos of each child. We had gathered all the children together. But when it was Sebika’s turn it took us half an hour to take her picture because she would not stop crying. As you can see from our report above, her transformation now by the gracious hand of the Lord is incredible.


Tearful Sebika at orphanage four years ago

Government regulations are very strict with regard to orphanages, requiring my wife Rosy to do a lot of paperwork and to look after other administrative tasks involving maintenance. In spite of that she was able to work hard teaching the children two of the dances and preparing them to excel that Annual Day Celebration.”

February 2017 Report from Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India

Received March 27, 2017:Let me share with you that our young sons Nathan and Johnson did excellently on their annual exams. Our older son Nathan received a score of 93% and his younger brother Johnson 98.1%. God is so good to all our Elijah Challenge workers and their families. Praise the Lord.”