“God is so good to us and He is doing great things in our midst. I received very good news from our Elijah Challenge Pastor Junul Purty. Beginning last Sunday he began going to four villages to hold Sunday fellowship.

Praise the Lord he is now busy with church planting and reaching the unreached. He is working in difficult areas of Odisha (Orissa) with various people groups.

The Lord used him mightily last week. There was a Hindu Santali village 20 kilometers from his station. A woman was suffering from a migraine headache for two years. The local Hindu worship leader informed her that it was the work of Devi (a female god) and that she needed to pay and to sacrifice a goat to please the goddess. She did according to what he advised. But she did not get well after performing the sacrifice. So the Hindu leader asked her to perform the sacrifice again since the goddess was not pleased with her. She did so again, but she did not get well.

Our Pastor Junul went there and preached the gospel in the villages, and there met with this family. The family came and shared all these things with him.  Our brother ministered to the woman with power and authority in front of several people. The Lord healed her there from the migraine. Then many other sick people came and were also healed as well. One family called him to their home and requested him to pray over their relatives’ family. After that ten families accepted the Christ in that village. Praise the name of the Lord!”

Reports from TEC Coordinator Subodh Jena