Webster, Texas
November 22, 2013


-By 11-year-old A. K.


Last Wednesday, at the prayer meeting, we prayed over people who needed healing.  There was a young lady that we (me, my 12-year-old brother and another friend in the church) decided to pray over.  She said her bones were aching at the joints. So we laid hands on her shoulders and began to command the joints to be healed, “In the name of Jesus, joints be restored…be healed… etc.”  When we had finished, my brother immediately asked her, “Are you healed?” She moved her joints and said “Sorry bro, but…. No.” 

“Oh. Let’s try again!” he responded.

So we began the process all over again. Nothing.  We tried again and again with the same result each time. “Okay, one last time,” someone finally said. So we began praying.  In the middle of praying I suddenly remembered from the few videos that my family watched together (the Elijah Challenge teaching videos) on how to heal the sick that they always laid hands wherever the infirm person had pain.

So I switched my hands from her shoulders to her knees. After we finished ministering my brother, of course, asked “Are you healed?” She moved around again and happily exclaimed “My knees don’t hurt anymore! But my elbow joints still hurt.”

I told the group about laying hands where it hurt and so everyone laid their hands on one of her arms. As usual my brother asked, “Are you healed?”  This time she could reply, “YES!”  We all began jumping (including the lady who hadn’t been able to jump for a while) and praising the Lord.

What I think is really cool is that God used a pair of eleven- and twelve-year-old children to heal the young lady. Praise the Lord!