Reports from Butch & Janet Berner


Zambia, Africa
December 2013


“It was a very full weekend.  We had good training sessions.  We had about 15 that attended.  They enjoyed the teaching very much and said it impacted them a lot.  

Many came from traditional churches and had never considered that the verses presented in The Elijah Challenge were for them. They were reluctant to even practice ministering healing in the training.  Most of the trainees were elderly, so the ministry demonstrations we did were for fused bones, old car wreck injuries and the like.  One lady was healed of nagging arm pain for about three days.  

Again, it was a first teaching; there was no outreach planned, and many came skeptical.  On Sunday at church most of them testified that God had dramatically spoke to them and changed their thinking on many things.  It was a good first introduction.  I am encouraged!!”