“She [my wife Deborah] had glaucoma and a problem with her heart. According to the doctor, we need a hundred thousand pesos for an eye operation and one million pesos to treat her heart. But we know that our God is great and he is able to do what we cannot do. Thank you in advance for praying over her over the phone.”

This was the email Jaimie Alonso received from Pastor Elito in the Philippines. Later over the telephone Jaimie, who was in Canada, called Pastor Elito across the Pacific. This is what happened at that moment:

“You know as you called me I had my cellphone in my left hand while I laid my right hand on my wife. But even though I didn’t know if you were praying over her or not because of the poor signal, a miracle was taking place. She felt and heard a voice from the peak of a mountain which declared healing to her. I saw that there was something different with her body and eyes after you called me on the phone.”

Jaimie Alonso trained with Elijah Challenge in 2008

Reports from Jaimie Alonso

“See the attached photos show that the wonderful miracle which took place in her eyes and body. Last night she experienced very cold air being expelled out from her body. After that she did not experience any more discomfort in her heart.” “Praise the Lord, hallelujah!!! God is good all the time.”

Pastor Elito and Deborah Philippines

Below: Deborah’s eyes were stricken with glaucoma

Below: Deborah’s eyes after Jaimie ministered to her over the phone