Reports from the ministry of Debi Frey

September 2010

“I had a severe gall bladder attack! This had never happened to me before.

I went to the Emergency Room at my husband Kenny’s urging at 4:30 am Saturday morning. The ER doctor reported that the radiologist saw gall stones and I would have to have my gall bladder removed.

At once, our faithful friends, the Featherstons (Cindy), whom you met here in Covington, Louisiana and my husband, Kenny, both commanded the gall stones to be gone in Jesus’ Name.

The surgeon was not ready to operate on Saturday, as he wanted a gastroenterologist to confirm his findings. On Sunday, I had a nuclear test. They found NO gall stones, only some residual “sludge”. Praise Jesus! Loved hearing that report!

I was released from the hospital with my gall bladder in place yesterday afternoon.

Many FRUITFUL appointments for you and we praise the God of Heaven for the FAITH OF GOD taught and brought by you to us!!!

We have used the powerful truth of AUTHORITY and FAITH OF GOD on many occasions since you were here in Covington, in private settings with very good results. I have shared your teaching (using God’s discernment) with a couple of other people who were very receptive to it. We look forward to our next “public” display of God’s proving He is the One True God through miraculous healing signs for the unbelievers to come to know Him as Savior. We have a meeting on Monday evening next week!”