From “Life Vest” (external heart defibrillator) to miraculous healing!

By Erna Hayes

THURSDAY. 10/18/18. 4:30am

While sitting in my prayer chair and thanking God for Elvin’s miraculous healing, I SUDDENLY realized that October 6th, (Day of Gil’s birthday party) was the one-year anniversary to the day, that Elvin was fitted with a LIFE VEST (external defibrillator).
I remember the day so clearly, as Elvin was preparing to leave town (Friday) for his nephew’s wedding, and I was preparing to leave for Washington DC and the RISE UP prayer meeting – where thousands of women met on the National Mall to cry out for our nation.
On that Friday morning, we had an appointment with Dr. J to confirm the results of the ultrasound revealing the Left Branch Bundle. The tests indicated that Elvin was in danger of SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST due to an abnormal heart rhythm. And since 90% of people who experience out-of-hospital cardiac arrest die, the doctor was adamant about fitting Elvin with the Life Vest (external defibrillator) before he left town later in the day.
Elvin had planned to drive to Louisiana immediately after the doctor’s appointment but Dr. J insisted that he wait for the Life Vest. A couple of hours later, a technician arrived at our home to train us on how to use the device. After the training and being properly fitted with the vest, Elvin left immediately (about 2pm) for Louisiana.
What a gift! The complete restoration of Elvin’s health on the one-year anniversary of (receiving a life-altering report) being fitted with the Life Vest. While we are forever grateful for the excellent care he received from his doctors, we know none of this would have happened apart from THE ONE who is the giver and restorer of life! I am convinced that The Lord used the Life Vest to preserve Elvin’s life until the appointed time of his complete healing and restoration at the hands of believers walking in their God-given authority.
NEW LIFE, what an amazing and miraculous anniversary gift!!! Who is like The Lord? There is no one! One year ago, Elvin received a bad report. One year later, that report was nullified as believers ministered healing through the power and authority of The Lord Himself!
Truth is, Elvin has experienced two Extraordinary miracles this year! I believe that God brought him back to life (in February) so that he could experience NEW LIFE completely Whole, Healed, and Restored! What a Glorious testimony!