Egyptian man with hepatitis C, diabetes, deafness touched by God at meeting

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“The people in the village of Saft El-Laban had never seen healing miracles done in the name of Jesus Christ as recorded in the gospels. When I came to minister, the Presbyterian church was packed with people inside, outside the doors, above in the balcony, as well as at the side exit. Many came to be healed, they heard the gospel, and many received Christ as Savior. After the meeting crowds came to me for healing prayer. One encounter was particularly memorable…

It was the turn of an older couple who happened to be close relatives of my interpreter, Dr. Isaiah. His older sister was a godly woman who had prayed many years for the salvation of her hard-hearted husband. When he came for healing prayer, he was suffering from three or four major infirmities, including hepatitis C and diabetes. So painful and debilitating was his condition that he had to be carried in and laid on the floor at my feet. When I heard that the man was Dr. Isaiah’s brother-in-law and a gospel-resistant sinner, I felt it in order to ask if he would repent and turn to Jesus before I prayed over his infirmities. Dr. Isaiah translated my words into Arabic for his brother-in-law.

Unfortunately the gentleman could not hear a word that was spoken to him since his diabetic condition had apparently rendered him complete deaf. In the natural one would think that his case was hopeless—not only had he hardened his heart to the gospel over the years, now his physical ears were shut to the gospel. After all, “faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the word of Christ.” However, the Holy Spirit had given me “mountain-moving faith” to minister to this man. God’s grace was about to manifest to him because of the faithful prayers of his God-fearing wife.

Quickly I inserted my fingers into his ears and commanded them to be opened in Jesus’ name. Instantly he could hear again. Then I had Dr. Isaiah ask him if he wanted to repent and turn to Jesus. He replied no. I was amazed at his stubbornness, but the Holy Spirit encouraged me to press the battle for this man’s soul. I asked him whether he would repent if God gave him a miraculous sign, and he answered yes.

I laid my hand over his liver and spoke forth healing in the name of Jesus. Then I asked him if the Lord had given him a miraculous sign. Yes, he said, he had felt something moving around in his body when I laid my hands on him.

“So you will now believe in Jesus?” I pressed him. He wavered. I felt holy indignation at his stubbornness.

“But you made a deal with me. You said you would believe if the Lord gave you a miraculous sign.” After weighing this for a moment, he finally agreed to believe in Jesus. I instructed Dr. Isaiah to lead him in a sinner’s prayer.

Then I laid hands on him for his physical healing, and rebuked his infirmities in Jesus’ name. I took his hand and told him to get up in Jesus’ name. He stood up and testified that the pain in his body had gone. He and his wife walked away as the next person came up for healing prayer.

I am amazed at the grace of God. The Lord literally “bent over backwards” to save this man. I believe it was because of the faithful prayers of his godly wife. But actually, God has “bent over backwards” to save all of us by sending His only Son, the Righteous One, to die on the cross for us unworthy sinners!”