Mitta Pur Village is in Delhi


On March 5, 2009 Director Joshua Gowda of The Elijah Challenge Training Center India wrote:

“We had another very successful Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Healing and Feeding Event on 26th of February 2009. We conducted our Feeding Event at Village Mitta Pur in New Delhi. Village Mitta Pur is surrounded by Hindu-dominated and small slum areas. This is the first-ever meeting in that village. It was the effort of our four Elijah Challenge-trained pastors living nearby. They gathered people from the village and the slums. About 430 people came and about 380 people gave their lives to Christ. Now the Elijah Challenge-trained pastors are doing follow-up with the new believers. On Sunday the first of March, three Elijah Challenge churches were planted in Mitta Pur Village.”

The venue: the village of Mitta Pur



The proclamation of the kingdom of God to the Hindus

Elijah Challenge-trained pastors singing gospel songs

Before Pastor Simon Haqq preaches the gospel, our Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor Anok Masih shares a testimony. His four-year-old son (above) was playing alone at home. A heavy iron box fell on top of the boy, rendering him unable to breath properly. After two hours Pastor Masih and his wife came back home. When his wife saw that their son was crushed under the box, she screamed loudly. All their Hindu neighbors gathered. The box was removed and the boy was unconscious with no movement in his body. Looking at the boy’s still body other women also started to cry. But Pastor Anok got down on his knees and prayed to God. Then he came back and took his son in his hand and rebuked the spirit of unconsciousness in JESUS’ name. Miraculously, the boy returned to consciousness and started to breath properly. This happened just ten days before the Feeding Event. Pastor Anok shared this testimony at the Event. People were moved and heard that the name of Jesus can do any miracle for those who trust Him.

Pastor Simon Haqq preaching the gospel to the Hindus

Hindus accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior


The healing of the infirm according to Jesus’ command in Luke 10:9


Testimonies of miraculous healing by Jesus Christ

Mrs. Sampat Devi was suffering from pain in her body even as she was sitting in the meeting. Our Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor Ramaswer rebuked the pain. She felt complete relief from the pain and came up to stage to testify about her healing.

For five days Mrs. Ankita was not able to breathe properly through her nose, instead she was trying to breathe through her mouth. Praise God our Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor Ravi Masih rebuked the blockage in the name of JESUS. Immediately the blockage disappeared and she could breath properly.



The feeding of the villagers and the slum people



Elijah Challenge-trained pastors with Pastor Joshua Gowda (left) at Village Mitta Pur in Delhi