JoeAnn attended The Elijah Challenge Training in early February 2014

“I was teaching a group last night part of our workshop and one of the men who came in had fallen Sunday and re-injured a broken leg he had previously had surgery and pins put in.  He was hobbling on crutches and his knee was hurting and swollen.  
Before the evening started, I asked if he wanted me to minister to him and he said “yes” so his wife and I laid hands on his knee and I explained to her what we were to do. To command the swelling to go down, the pain to leave and the leg to straighten and heal.  As I commanding the leg to go back to its place, I could feel the muscles under my hands move and his leg moved and straightened out.
The pain came down from a 10 to about 2 and so we ministered again, that time the pain left him and I had him stand and he was walking around praising God without his crutches.  He said the fall had put him back 3 weeks in his healing and now he could feel his healing was back on track.
He began to cry as he was so grateful to God.  Thank you for teaching me to expect God to heal by using us in the simplest way.”