“A few months ago a servant of God named Pastor Ranjan attended our Elijah Challenge Training Event at Kotagarh. Later he testified that after the Training not only had his ministry changed, but his life changed as well. The Lord began to use him in an unusual way. He shared the following extraordinary testimony:

By Subodh Jena Kumar, Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India

In a nearby village a woman had suffered from a severe stroke. Her mouth, one of her eyes, and one of her legs were all paralyzed. As her family was taking the woman to the hospital riding on a public bus, they remembered Pastor Ranjan. So they called him on a mobile phone from the bus while on the way to the hospital. At that time there were many other passengers on the bus as well. Pastor Ranjan asked the family to hold the phone up to her ear. He then spoke and ministered to her over the phone. The passengers were all looking at the woman since her condition was so severe. They saw that she was not able to walk or even talk. But at that moment our great God touched her miraculously. Her mouth suddenly straightened out, her leg became stronger and stronger, and her body was restored to normal.

The Hindu passengers on the bus were amazed to witness the miracle. They came to her and asked what had happened. The bus driver even pulled over to the side of the road for few minutes. The family shared the entire story there in the bus. Many of the Hindu passengers believed in Jesus after witnessing such an extraordinary event. At the next bus stop the family got off. They didn’t need to go to the hospital anymore.

Praise the Lord. All glory and honour be to Him alone.”

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar