A testimony from Leslee in South Australia about her 7-year-old Collette
April 2014

“Yesterday, Collette told me she did not go to performing arts class, as she was told by her class teacher to stay back in class whilst the rest of the students went to performing arts lesson. Most probably that they were still doing the “scary-spooky” play so they excluded her from the play. God is shielding Collette and we thank Him for His protection over her. May the Lord soon enable the school to progress through in eliminating any pagan or unholy activities in the school.

Later that day, after school’s recess, at 11.30am, Collette was feeling unwell with what she described as “jabbing” pain near her lower left tummy. She was not able to walk due to the pain. I received a call from the school and I went to collect her to bring her home. I piggyback her to the car and in the car I issued commands (as I have learnt to use my authority over the infirmities as taught in The Elijah Challenge Training) for the pain to leave Collette, in Jesus’ name! When seeing Collette was not getting any better I continued commanding a few more times and then I asked her if she was better but she said, ” No, the pain still there”. So I kept commanding the pain to leave her as I was driving – I said, ” Pain leave now in Jesus’ name! Pain leave Collette’s body now in Jesus’ name – I command you to go in Jesus’ name!” But Collette was still groaning with pain. I was tired. I wanted God to give me that mountain-moving-faith. I wanted to see my daughter well. 

When we got home I lay her down and continued to pray over her for about 5 minutes more until she was a little better and I was very tired. I then made a call to book a doctor appointment, incase my praying over her might take longer for her to feel all better than her seeing a doctor. We were able to get her 1.15pmdoctor appointment and so we got ready right away to go to the doctor. As we were on our way to the doctor I continued with commanding the pain to go in Jesus’ name.

By the time we arrived at the doctor surgery, Collette was feeling lesser pain, and on a scale from 1 to 10 ( “1” being little pain to “10” being very BIG pain), she said she felt a “5”, whereas before she said she felt an “8”. She was able to walk slowly with support from the carpark to the waiting room. We arrived at the waiting room at 12.55pm and I sat her down on the chair and she was still feeling some pain when she bend down. So, as we waited for the doctor, I softly commanded the pain to leave Collette in Jesus’ name and a couple of minutes before Collette’s name was called in for consultation, Collette looked at me and said, ” The pain is gone, Mummy.” I was so relieved, and we thanked God. 

At the doctor’s consultation room we got to share this with the doctor. I told the doctor that the pain had just gone, after I prayed over Collette in Jesus’ name, but before that Collette was in great pain and couldn’t walk so I had to carry her. I prayed and prayed and prayed over her in Jesus’ name and on our way here and she got better and only just a couple of minutes ago the pain had stopped. Collette then told the doctor about the pain she had- when and where the pain was. The doctor asked her a few questions and he then did a physical examination on her stomach area and listened to her intestinal area with stethoscope, and he suggested an over- the-counter medicine for her that she could take. Lastly, the doctor commented that the prayer did help. Collette is all good.

In the car on our way home, we reflected on what God did….and I said to Collette how we need to keep on trusting God no matter what…even when things don’t seem to get better. Collette then said this to me, ” It’s good that you were persistent with praying over me, Mummy. …..I think God wanted to increase our faith in Him, through us not giving up.”