In New Delhi, India we conducted a two-day Elijah Challenge Training for a riveted group of believers consisting mostly of recent Christian converts from Hinduism as well as some area pastors.​ Rarely have we seen such attentiveness, receptivity and enthusiasm in a Training Event. Having recently been delivered from the darkness of Hinduism their personal relationship with the Lord is intensely personal, fresh, and invigorating. Thirstily they gulped down the teaching from Scripture on how to preach the gospel effectively to the multitudes of their fellow Indians who still live in darkness—presenting a message accompanied by miraculous healing and deliverance as evidence that Jesus is the Son of the only true God in heaven who created all things.
During the demonstrations of healing using the Lord’s power and authority, since there was not enough room for all those who needed physical healing to come forward we had everyone remain where they were to lay hands on people standing next to them who needed healing. In this way, on both days of the Training many, many people with infirmities were miraculously healed, and made their way up to the stage to testify to the crowd what the Lord had done for them. Two of the ladies were so excited at what the Lord had done that they testified for about 15 minutes. Those who had laid hands on the sick were so tickled that afterwards some went up to our Host Pastor Simon Haqq to exclaim excitedly what had happened as the Lord’s healing power flowed through them.
On the second day, we had only people who had problems with their hearing—such as hearing loss or tinnitus—come forward to be healed. The front of the sanctuary was filled. Then we called people to come forward to minister healing to them just as Jesus did in Mark 7 by putting his fingers into the ears of the deaf man. After they did so we asked, “who has been healed?” As far as we could see, after two times of ministry every person who came for healing testified that the Lord had indeed restored their hearing.
Pastor (right) testifies of miraculous healing
The next day our host Simon Haqq called to share very, very good news with us. The Training, he said, had been extremely fruitful. He had received call after call—up to 25 calls—from the pastors who had attended. They want us back again for a larger Training Event for pastors and workers in Delhi. One pastor begged Simon to inform her of future Elijah Challenge Training Events. The calls continued for days after the event. (In India many Christian pastors minister healing in highly unscriptural, sometimes involving pagan ways.)
November 2017
The Elijah Challenge trains disciples to preach the gospel as the early disciples did in Acts—with the evidence of miraculous works as proof that Jesus is the Messiah and the only way to the Father in heaven