The Elijah Challenge in India

May 2014

“The Lord God of grace and wonders continued to confirm the preaching of the gospel in the remote villages of Haridwar State in Northeast India. 

Simon Haqq, our events coordinator and evangelist, reported that 700 Hindus responded to the gospel and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, in three small evangelistic gospel events.  These new Christians live in villages where there are no Christians and the gospel has never been preached.   

The Lord did many miracles in conformation of the gospel.  Keep in mind that the families coming to the gospel events have never heard the gospel or been exposed to any of the powerful working of the Holy Spirit.  Some of the more notable miracles were:

  • A spirit of epilepsy was cast out.
  • A woman with a painful nerve problem in one of her legs, from birth, was healed.   
  • A very drunk man came forward.  After the spirit of drunkenness was cast out, he sobered up and asked to receive Jesus as his Lord.  He has been sober since being born again.
  • A weight lifter (body builder) came forward to speak with Simon.  Many people knew this man.  As he approached, Simon asked that the power of God fall on him.  When he woke up he was humble and immediately accepted Christ as Lord and Savior.   Many people also accepted Christ because they saw what happened to this man.
  • Several people came to accept Christ because they said they saw a vision of Christ on the cross, as Simon presented the gospel.    We have seen the Lord do many things, but this is the first time people have come saying they have seen a vision of Christ.  

One of the elder pastors, in our network of missionary pastors, will be returning to the villages to disciple the new believers and hopefully he will be planting a new church.   Right now there are over 100 such pastors waiting to plant new churches in this remote area of India.  

Our pastors network continues to grow.  Just this week, two more contacted Simon asking him to come do gospel events in their area.  To our surprise and delight, these pastors are from the city of Agra, where the Taj Mahal is located, and from a town in the state of Bihar.  Both of these pastors learned about our gospel event ministry from YouTube.  Simon will be headed to Bihar on June 17, to do an evangelistic gospel event and baptismal service.   We do not support either pastor, they simply want to learn how to do gospel events to win the lost and increase the size of their congregations.”

-Bill Willis
Elijah Challenge Feeding Events India