Christ All Nations Mission Church 
April 2009

Chinatown in Flushing, New York

Equipping Ethnic Believers in New York City

Our host Joseph White and I began our first Training session at Christ All Nations Mission Church led by Bishop Govind Sathiya in Flushing, New York. Present were disciples from different nationalities and races; many were from China. They were hungry for God’s power to proclaim the kingdom of God to the lost. The packed meeting was held in the cramped space of a basement under a storefront on Main Street, Flushing.


I was aided by a most excellent interpreter from China aptly named “Angel.” Toward the end of the session, the Lord was gracious to heal several people with infirmities—mostly from China—through the laying of hands by these disciples. At the very end, about ten people were healed simultaneously through “healing-at-a-distance” (as Jesus did in Luke 7). The disciples were greatly built up in their faith.

Below are some people who are testifying that the Lord had healed them.



The Climactic Evangelistic Healing Service

I preached the gospel from Mark 2 where Jesus demonstrated his ability and authority to forgive sin by healing the paralytic. Then as the trained disciples laid hands on those with infirmities, the Lord likewise healed several of them. Those who were healed testified, and their testimonies demonstrated the authority of Christ to forgive sin and to save us from condemnation in hell.


Above & below: the trained disciples minister healing to those with infirmities

Below, many people testify publicly that the Lord has healed them…

In particular, there was a fourteen-year-old boy whom we will call Peter who was brought to the meeting by his believing parents all the way from the neighboring state of New Jersey. He was not yet a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Here is what his mother had written us about him.

“I’d like to give you some background of Peter. Peter is 14 years old and is a freshman at high school. He has some significant medical history. At age 2, he had Kawasaki’s Disease, and at age of 11, he had it again. At age of 6, he was found having hearing loss and ADD. Peter was saved by the Lord twice from Kawasaki’s. But his hearing loss has been affecting him tremendously on his daily life, whether in school or at home. Even with the help of hearing aids, Peter has difficulties hearing soft sounds like M, N, F, Th, Sh. In noisy environments such as a typical classroom, low frequency background noise will cover over these soft sounds making speech understanding much more difficult for him. …We have encouraged Peter to go to church. He does go with us but not very willingly because in the church service he does not hear well. He prefers doing things in quite environments like at home watching TV. Therefore, his social and church activities are very limited. Recently, Peter has had a very hard time adjusting to high school life; he feels that he is nobody.”

Last night at the meeting as Brother Samuel from Pakistan ministered to Peter, the Lord restored his hearing. He came forward and testified. See the photo below (Samuel is standing directly behind him). In the past Peter would shy away from crowds, let along testify in front of people. At the end of the meeting, Peter decided to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior!


The disciples rejoiced at the mighty works of God. They will be taking the message and healing power of the gospel to the streets, to the marketplace, and to the homes of the lost.


Our Chinese interpreter “Angel”

Hosts Bishop Govind Sathiya & Minister Joseph White

We & our pal Leong Wong, who took all the photos in this Report

Testimonies in the aftermath of the Basic Training in New York

  • Blood sugar goes down immediately

On Monday after the Evangelistic Healing Service, a sister who had been suffering from high blood sugar was ministered to by the use of authority and the laying on of hands. According to her glucose-measuring device, her blood sugar had been 172. About ten minutes after being ministered to, her blood sugar dropped to 158. Two minutes later it had fallen to 133.

See it live on YouTube!

Sister with glucose-measuring device


  • YouTube short videos:

Part 1: How to heal the sick in Jesus’ name

Part 2: How to heal the sick in Jesus’ name

Part 3: How to heal the sick in Jesus’ name


  • Testimonies from New York host Joseph White

“I will be sending you all the testimonies of what has been going on here since you left New York….

I will share one quick testimony….last week I ministered to a woman named Maloney who was diagnosed with a tumor the size of a orange on her ovaries …she was scheduled to have surgery the following week. I had her friend Sandy lay her hand on the area where the tumor was swelling out of her abdomen. I commanded it to dissolve in the mighty name of Jesus …one week later she had her final MRI before the surgery. The doctors reported that it was gone completely and they sent her home! Maloney then went about calling all her friends and family reporting of the miracle…

Then three days later I was asked to share my testimony at a leaders meeting for the Army for God youth group gathering. A sixteen year old girl named Jasmine came to me after she was telling me of overwhelming fears she suffered from…as she was talking the Lord showed me what to do ..I asked her to trust the lord to deliver her from all rejection and fear. When we went into a private room to pray, I laid my hand on her and commanded the demons of fear to go and then rejection from the womb to go….!! Well, she hit the floor and thrashed about for a moment knocking the kitchen garbage pail over ..she screamed and cried…then a miracle happened she was delivered! Peace and love filled her to overflowing!! She was just newly introduced to the Lord a week earlier.

Now Jonny and Heidi, founders on the Army for God, asked me if I would share the Elijah Challenge with the 50 or so young people that have been coming to the meetings next week. These meetings are in a two bedroom apartment and these kids have been cramming the place to capacity. So we offered to have them all come to the Isaiah 58 House venue on Long Island to do the trainings. So next week over 50 youth will be coming to the Isaiah 58 House mission to hear what the Lord has to say about the Elijah Challenge!”

At the time of this report (April 29, 2009), Joseph was planning to teach the Elijah Challenge Basic Training to a ministry in New York called ARMY FOR GOD, founded by John and Heidi Ova. Below is what Joseph wrote us:

“I told you last week about what the Lord was doing with John and Heidi Ova, founders of the ARMY FOR GOD ministry here in Long Island, New York. I hadn’t even started the Basic Training for them yet. All I did was to exhort John a bit about the authority to heal in Jesus’ name. Just imagine what will happen when the fifty youth John is leading get a hold of this Hidden Manna!!

Here is the testimony I just received from John and Heidi:

‘Praise God!

Tonight we were training for pro-wrestling…getting in a great workout when one of our wrestlers’ knee’s popped out of the socket. I called for an ice pack but one of my friends Rodrigo said to me that we should lay hands on it. So in front of about 15 unbelievers we laid hands on Him and by the authority that Jesus gave us we commanded that knee to return to it’s original form. And to the shock of everyone watching… IT DID! He got up in amazement and just praised Jesus.

It wasn’t even a second later when another wrestler went down with a pinched nerve. So immediately we commanded that nerve to open up and for Satan to be bound up. Instantaneously He was healed. He was able to bend, turn and squat. We were all singing God’s glory. The rest of the school was just in amazement. So one guy was is pretty much an atheist was so stunned but said to me that he still didn’t believe in those kinds of things. So I said to him, ”you just watched Jesus heal two people right in front of you.” I noticed that he had a limp. So I asked do you want to believe in Christ tonight? He didn’t have an answer so then I asked him if He wanted Jesus to heal him tonight. He said yes!

So he stood up and we commanded by the authority of our God to heal this man’s back. The only thing that was going through my mind was to demonstrate God’s power so everyone believes. I asked him to bend over and he did and when he stood back up his face was bright red! He was in total amazement. He couldn’t believe it! He said all he felt was heat running through his back.

Everyone was amazed. He asked me how and why. All I said was that Jesus had healed Him because He wants a relationship with him. I commanded him to jump. He said to me that he couldn’t because of the three slipped disks in his back. So I shouted to him that he was healed and to jump…SO HE DID. So we all started praising Jesus. Atheists and agnostics…PRAISING GOD! He just kept telling everyone that he felt heat and that Jesus had healed him.

What a testimony tonight to display God’s amazing power. Two believers praising God’s power in front of people who never believed…until tonight!'”

John Slionski


  • Testimony from Chris Faraguna of Isaiah 58 House on Long Island

“I just want to tell you how important it was for you to come here when you did. Not only did your visit impact the Chinese community in Flushing and John Slionski’s Army for God, but it affected our Haiti mission trip tremendously. We saw over 80 people healed and over 100 people saved. One healing was tremendous—we commanded a mute spirit out of a boy and commanded his tongue to be loosed and he spoke. He had not spoken to anyone for over 10 years; now he is communicating with others. We have this on video. We also had two major deliverances in the meetings. We commanded the evil spirits out of two girls and then they accepted Jesus. It was something out of the Book of Acts. We then trained about 12 pastors on the kingly anointing.”