Perforated Eardrum

At a Seminar held at a local Episcopal Church early this summer, I instructed a believer named Carol Evans how to minister healing to a sister named Linda Hollibaugh. She had suffered severe hearing loss due to a perforated eardrum. This is Linda’s recent report….

“I wanted you to know I had my follow-up appointment with Dr. David Devorkin on Wednesday and the perforation in my left ear is completely healed and he has discharged me from his care! He told me on Wednesday that my case was really unusual, that healing would occur 6 months after the initial perforation occurred, without surgery [the healing] is unbelievable… a first for him…I shared with him that the Bible is full of documented healings…and that the same power that God gave his believers then, is still available to us today if we will only receive it by faith!”

Linda added that when her doctor tested her hearing, the left ear that the Lord healed could hear even better than the right ear that was normal!