June 2013 

We received an email from a brother named Joe:

 “Hello to my dear brother in Christ Jesus, our Risen Savior. I myself have been having an issue with epileptic seizures for over 36 years. I know that through the power in Jesus Christ, I know I can be healed. Can you help me with my problem, please? Thank you and all praise goes to Yahweh Almighty.”

We forwarded Joe’s request to our trained Elijah Challenge co-worker Mark Meyers, who contacted Joe and began ministering healing and deliverance to him over skype.

March 2014

Mark wrote us:

“You sent Brother Joe to me several months ago. We probably met about 5 times by skype. He was severely oppressed by freemasonry spirits which were responsible for his epilepsy. After the sending away of several dozen spirits I got the report below – seems to now be seizure/epilepsy free.”

Joe’s testimony to Mark:

“Hi there, Mark, I am doing great. I have felt no seizures coming on, nor any slight signs of them coming. So I praise Jesus for HIS mercy, grace, and compassion upon me. And may God bless His servant Mark for his work.”