Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena

Praise the Lord for another opportunity to preach the Gospel to a remote village called Gudabata inhabited by twenty-five families. They were astonished to see miraculous healing from the Lord. Today I got a phone call informing me that the villagers of Gudabata shared with a neighbour village about this event.



A man named Suresh had an infection in his eyes. A few months earlier a small stone lodged in one of his eyes. It became reddish and started to burn. He went to the doctor who advised him to take some medicine for a few days. After few days he consulted with the doctor again who informed him that the infection was severe and that he needed more effective treatment or even an operation. But he kept quiet since he was poor and did not have the money. At the Feeding Event the pain disappeared completely and he felt well.

Nirmala suffered from a disease called “Bata” which affected her right hand such that she was not able to lift it for five years. She was able to do things with her left hand. But after Jesus healed her she testified how unforgettable it was for her. It did not even occur to me that Jesus would heal her since she was just following others who attended the Event. But Jesus touched her and healed her. See Nirmala thanking the Lord below.



A young girl named Mili had a severe pain in the top of her head. She felt something like heavy stone lodged in her head. But at the Event the Lord touched and healed her, and she felt lightness in her head where the “stone” used to be. See Mili below.



A grandmother named Dinima had arthritis with severe joint pain for three years. She had difficulty walking and bending over. She had taken medicine, but the doctor said that due to her old age she might not be healed completely. But the Lord healed her instantly. She was so glad for His healing touch.


Dinima at left


A man named Madab had a problem with his backbone. He suffered for nearly a year, he was just sitting there feeling very weak in his body. He experienced something very powerful in his body as he sat in the last row. Immediately his body felt very different from before. He testified that he was healed.



A young girl named Swati had pain in her chest. She had injured herself and had severe pain in a bone there. She had gone into the jungle during the summer season to collect mangos, but she fell and from that day onward she had the pain. At the Event Jesus healed her miraculously. Below Swati is testifying.



A woman named Kusum had pain in the lower part of her stomach. After that her family planned for her to undergo an operation. She said that in the beginning it was very painful, but after a few months she managed to put up with it. But there was still a lot of pain. At the Event she said, “the Lord Jesus healed me.”



Many were healed and testified. There were a few elderly woman who testified in their tribal language about their healing.

Praise God for these precious souls in the vineyard added to Lord’s people.

Above: feeding the villagers afterwards