Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena

Hindu village of six families turns to Christ following miraculous healing

Our Elijah Challenge-trained evangelist Lazar in Orissa, India traveled to a small remote Hindu village where he found only six families. An elderly mother in the village had been suffering from back and neck pain for a long time. Although she had been taking several different medications prescribed by a doctor, nothing worked.

Brother Lazar shared with them about the Lord Jesus Christ. He then ministered to her in Jesus’ name, praying over her with power and authority. After that he asked her how she felt. She said that she felt something happening in her neck, and was able to move her neck freely. She was completely healed. 

They were astonished that in the name of Lord Jesus she was healed. They said that they had heard about Christians, but had never heard about the Lord Jesus Christ. They asked him to share more about the Lord Jesus. Lazar was amazed to see their interest in hearing about Jesus. He thought about giving them a New Testament, but they did not know how to read.  

The six Hindu families in that village accepted the Christ. They asked him to come back to the village to share more about Jesus. Praise the Lord!