State of Orissa, India
April 2014

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

I was very touched to minister to such a people group. I think Manipur and Orissa are the states with the most tribal peoples. We had a good time with them. They are receptive to the gospel. It was difficult for me to walk for hours on a rocky mountain path, but the Lord gave me strength. I slipped several times but did not fall.


Two of our Elijah Challenge-trained disciples accompanied me. As we walked for hours and hours the brothers were asking why this tribe would live in such a mountainous area. I had no answer. They have no roads, no school, no water facility, and no government help for them. In this era of information technology, the coming generation has nothing on which to build its future.

The villagers were suffering from various sicknesses. Last year many of them lost their domestic animals because of disease. Even men and women also not able to survive due to the lack of medical treatment.

The Lord healed many people instantly and the entire village came to Christ. When we left for home, all the villagers came from afar to see us off. They were so sad to bid us farewell. They are such precious souls and I felt very badly and sad to leave them as they wanted me to stay with them for one more day.  But I was supposed to be elsewhere at another place by evening, so I had to leave them.


A few reports on what Jesus did for them:

A woman named Jayanti (above) was suffering from pain in her hand for the last few months. She was not able to raise her hand. The Lord healed her completely and she could able to raise her hand without pain.


A young man (above) named Ramakanta was suffering from a problem with his eyes. His right eye was red, but the redness vanished instantly. He was very excited to experience the miracle, and he took me to his house and asked me to cleanse his house in Jesus’ name as they were worshiping a goddess in his house.

A boy named Sujaya (above) was suffering from stomach pain and his stomach was swollen for one year. Suddenly the pain left and the swelling went down. 


A woman named Laxmi was suffering from malaria and during the meeting she had a high fever. Because of her temperature she was shivering, but then she experienced the Lord’s healing power in her body. Suddenly her temperature went down.

A girl named Namita (above) had a pimples on her face and in her body as well, suffering from a terrible skin disease. Sometimes blood would ooze out. She was just standing in the back behind the people when she felt extraordinary power in her body. At that moment she experienced warmth and relief from the Lord.

A woman (above) was suffering from hemorrhoids for several years. She would have difficulty in the toilet. She had consulted with a doctor, and the doctor advised her to undergo an operation. Her husband was putting together the money. But miraculously Lord healed her and she felt His healing power in her body.

A young man named Babula (above) was suffering from chest pain. The Lord healed him instantly and the pain left completely.

During my time there, I felt that these people hardly know anything and nobody is there to teach them things that everyone should know. As we walked along we saw several villages in the same condition. I heard that the Maoists (Communists) go there to brainwash them and use them. 

Please pray that the other several villages in this area may also be reached with the gospel. Thank you so much for prayer and support for us to reach such remote places.