Our Lord Jesus is helping us to reach unreached villages with the gospel. We went to a very remote village in Orissa where the majority of the people are illiterate and have not known about God or Jesus Christ. It was a privilege to be the Lord’s witness there. The entire village consisting of around 170 souls accepted Christ.


Report on miraculous healings confirming the gospel:

A man named Manohar (below) had been suffering from a skin disease which was especially severe on his tongue. He was a smoker and a drinker, unable to survive without his cigarettes each and every day. At our Feeding Event he heard the gospel. As we were praying over the sick at the front, the Lord touched him. He felt the power of our Lord in his body, and he began to cry as he experienced his tongue and skin miraculously healed. He testified that he decided to receive the Christ as his personal Saviour. He decided to stop smoking and drinking. Praise the Lord!



A young man named Susil (below) met with an accident while travelling by bike, suffering from a severe injury in his right knee joint. He would walk like a lame man due to the pain in his knee. At the Feeding Event the Lord touched him, restoring his knee such that he was able to walk with strength and without any pain. He testified that he had been very healthy before the bike accident, but afterwards everything changed. Our Lord Jesus had restored him.



A woman named Runima (below) had had a throat infection for a long time. It would swell especially during the winter causing her problems. When she came to the Feeding Event, her entire neck was swollen. As I was ministering to the sick at a distance (like Jesus did in Luke 7 for the servant of the centurion) from the front, the swelling completely disappeared from her neck. She and her friends were astonished witnessing the miraculous healing. She was feeling her neck for any sign of the swelling but could not find any. Our Lord Jesus had graciously touched her.



A woman named Amodini (below) had had unbearable migraine headaches for the last two years. She had gone to both a doctor and a sorcerer, but did not get better. When she came to our Feeding Event the pain was severe and she felt her head spinning. After being ministered to in Jesus’ name, she was completely healed. 



Banita (below) had had chest pain for ten days. She worked as a cook in a government school. The teachers had given her painkillers but the pain in her chest persisted. Due to the pain she could no longer work since she was unable to lift anything heavy. But at the Event the Lord healed her. She was so happy that she would be able to go back to work at the school to cook for the children.




Feeding the villagers afterwards





Dirt path to this remote unreached village


Report from The Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, February 2017