On October 10, 2015 we went a remote place one hundred and fifty kilometers from us [in Orissa], a lovely village consisting of around 30 homes scattered here and there surrounded by trees and a little mountain. The inhabitants were tribal as well as from the Dalit people.

Four of us went to that village and saw so many people suffering from various diseases. The Lord did great and mighty things there. The entire village accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior after witnessing miraculous healings.



An elderly woman was unable to get down on the floor for five years. She did not have strength in her legs, and was suffering a lot. She belonged to a very poor family. She received little treatment for her health.  She was sitting on a chair while we were ministering to the sick in Jesus’ name. The Almighty God touched her, and suddenly she got up from the chair and was walking here and there. She came to the front of the meeting without anyone’s help and with much joy shared what had happened. We examined her with amazement.

Non-ambulatory elderly woman suddenly gets up and walks


A woman named Rasmi Naik had been suffering from a muscular problem for three months. Sometimes the muscle would harden, resulting in much pain in her body. She had taken medicine and applied ointment on the muscle, but did not get well. But she was miraculously healed by our Lord Jesus.


An elderly gentleman Mr. Chitrasen had been suffering from chest pain and a heart problem for a long time. He had become very weak. He could have passed on at any time, but he had clung to life until that day. When the pain started he would lose consciousness for hours. This poor man had no money, and so could not afford an operation. He tried to sell his land to collect money for the operation, but still the money was not enough so nothing was done. Thank God at the event he testified that he had been completely healed from both the chest pain and heart condition. Our God is a good God.

“The chest pain & heart condition are gone”


A woman named Rajmati was suffering from a severe headache for the past year. Her head would shake most of the time. Most of the time she would have a towel tied around her head just for some relief from the pain. She experienced the healing touch of our Lord Jesus when something like a surge of “electricity” entered her body. She was healed at that very moment.


A woman named Sasilata was suffering in the lower part of her stomach. It was very painful. She had difficulty standing and bending. Some people told her that it could be related to urinary disease as she used to suffer so much. The Lord healed her instantly at the event. She was very grateful to God.


Entire village turns to Jesus Christ


Feeding the villagers



Reports from TEC Coordinator Subodh Jena