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27 January 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

On behalf of ourselves and the Ministry Board for Light of Africa we greet you in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

I am writing to recommend you consider The Elijah Challenge as a training resource for your ministry partners, especially those serving on the foreign mission field. 

We have been serving in the Livingstone, Zambia, as trainers and teachers of the Gospel over the last 21 years. A benchmark took place when we met Brother W. during our first visit to a Sunday school class (Houston, 2005) and they shared the teaching of The Elijah Challenge.  This teaching has greatly impacted our teaching and personal ministry. 

One example of this powerful teaching’s effects in the Livingstone area:

Butch had finished teaching the Elijah Challenge to a group of Bible school students in 2016.  It was time to apply the teaching and for the interns to use this valuable tool. 

Walking through the nearby neighborhood, the students knocked on doors and prayed blessing over the houses.  Afterwards, the students asked if there were any in the house who were sick and when there were, they commanded the sickness to go, in Jesus name, and saw many healed. 

One house in particular, there was a woman whose leg had been broken but not “set” leaving her unable to walk.  The bones did not heal correctly and were overlapping and the leg was extremely swollen.  While praying and commanding the leg to be healed, Butch along with two of his trainees, were touching the woman’s leg lightly where the swelling was.  After a minute or so, the hands of those praying met together, as the swelling reduced and disappeared.  The woman got up, walked and then jumping up and down, she shouted, “I’m healed! I’m healed!” She was so excited, her neighbors came out and her testimony alone caused many to hear the Gospel message. 

The same God who has the power to heal, has the power to rescue you from the punishment of sin in your life.

We have also seen healing rooms open at several churches after being trained using The Elijah Challenge method of evangelism.  These churches are growing because of new believers who have seen and experienced the power of God through healing.

We highly recommend this training for anybody doing ministry, especially on the foreign field. When put into practice, it becomes a powerful way to lead people to Christ.

The teaching of The Elijah Challenge, eleven years ago, has profoundly and eternally affected the ministry we do and the ministry of other trainees.  Read about this powerful evangelistic tool by visiting https://www.theelijahchallenge.org/2005-february-zambia/.

May God continue to bless you as you serve Him,

N. Butch and Janet Berner
Missionaries serving with – Light of Africa in Zambia

Butch Berner trained with the Christian & Missionary Alliance

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