​”[I am] the Methodist pastor who trained with you in Virginia in 2013.​ With my wife, I learned the very basic, simple, practical, biblical principles for healing and casting out demons by faith in the name of Jesus for the Great Commission.

Since that training my wife and I have practiced it in each local church ministry. She was serving a congregation in Queens. Now she is serving another church in Staten Island. God manifested His power and healing so that we were so confident to preach the Gospel. I translated your manual into Korean around 90% and shared it with my church members to equip them. 

Then I received an appointment in July 2014 to become District Superintendent of the  Long Island West District of the New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Through the church conferences in my district, I shared with pastors and lay leaders what I had learned from you and how to exercise authority in the name of Jesus. In each church there were many healings, including cancers and improvements. Glory to God! 

I have encouraged some pastors to attend the April 17-19 Elijah Challenge Training in Chicago. Five pastors and one lay leader from New York will be there this weekend and my brother and his wife in Chicago might also attend the boot camp.”

 After the Chicago training, Rev. Kim wrote us:

“What a blessing for me to meet you and learn from you so valuable principles for Kingdom work.

The six pastors and lay leader from New York and my two brothers [who were with you in Chicago] are so excited and fully equipped with the Word and Spirit through you and your wife. I will encourage them to practice and exercise what they have learned.

I’m going to have a meeting with them soon to get some feedback and ministry plan in their community.

It’s my honor to work with you in every possible way. I pray that God will connect you to the New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. There are around 450 churches in NY. In my own District [where I am the Superintendent], there are around 70 churches. They should be demonstrating Kingdom power and authority with extreme boldness rather than mere preaching and teaching about Jesus.”

-Rev. Sungchan Kim District Superintendent of the Long Island West District of the New York Conference of the United Methodist Church  

Comments on The Elijah Challenge from another UMC District Superintendent

ENDORSEMENT from General Presbyter of the Tennessee Assemblies of God (AG)