Endorsement from Dr. Benjamin Yoo, Director, E. Stanley Jones College

“The Elijah Challenge Training is a gift of God for the Church today in her ministry as witness to Christ.  This Training shows the way to return to an exercise of the power and authority of Christ in healing and evangelism, which is a truly biblical method of outreach.  The Elijah Challenge draws together various essential strands of biblical teaching and practice into one training program that is vital for church planters and evangelists facing the hard realities of outreach in the world today.  Here is the teaching and method that you have been looking for.  I have personally witnessed healing and church growth all over the world as a result of applying the teaching of The Elijah Challenge program.  I believe that God has raised up The Elijah Challenge Training and movement for this time and moment in Church history when the visible political, financial and social power of the Church is in decline and that of other religions and institutions seems to be on the rise.  Here is the way to be faithful witnesses in the world today to our gospel confession that Jesus Christ is Lord with all power and authority in heaven and on earth.”

Rev. Benjamin Yoo, Ph.D
Director, E. Stanley Jones College

Early testimony from Dr. Yoo