Endorsement by Houston Pastor Donnell Vigers who hosted Reinhard Bonnke Crusade in 2013


Pastor Donnell Vigers and his wife Stephanie lead Church on Fire Christian Center and often host city-wide events in Houston like the Reinhard Bonnke Crusade in 2013. Theirs is “a church on fire for the Lord where they worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.”

They attended The Elijah Challenge Training in January 2018, after which they gave us the following feedback:

“Firstly, your two-day training was absolutely amazing. We have been to Evangelism training sessions by some well-known leaders but this training far exceeded what we had been taught in the past. We appreciate so much your humility, love and passion that you have to fulfill your Last Days assignment and your fear of God is clearly evident. We love how your teachings are strictly according to the Word of God. It was an honor to be in your presence and attend the class.

One of our ministers who attended with us texted me last night about her daughter (40-year-old). Her daughter came to her with shoulder pain and asked her to massage the area. Instead, she used her power and authority to command the pain to leave in Jesus’ name and it did. Her daughter was so touched that she wept. Hallelujah!

We feel that this eye-opening teaching should be known by every true follower of Jesus Christ in our city and it would be an honor to promote this training and serve you in whatever capacity you need us so please let us know how we can be on assistance.”


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