June 2002

The Elijah Challenge in North America

Our Healing Encounter at the Encourager Church was marked by miraculous healings as believers, after being trained with the word of God, laid hands on those with infirmities. A sister named Dorothy was experiencing chronic pain in her knees, had difficulty climbing stairs, and could not kneel because of the pain. After a sister from Windsor Village United Methodist Church laid hands on her knees and commanded healing in Jesus’ name, Dorothy was able to climb stairs and kneel without difficulty or pain! Another sister named Nina was nearly deaf in one ear for months. After a young woman named Paula inserted her finger (like Jesus in the gospels) into Nina’s ear and commanded the ear to be opened in Jesus’ name, Nina’s hearing was restored. There were other testimonies of healing as well, although not every infirm person at the meeting was healed.

Received July 2002: “Don’t know if anyone mentioned this to you but after your last seminar at Encourager on the following day, I was having lunch with a large group of people and one of them had an extreme migraine headache. Someone mentioned “Bonnie, you need to pray for him.” But I looked around the table and realized that several people had been in your seminar the day before (including some that are going to Egypt), so I enlisted everyone who had received your teaching to pray for him, thereby putting into practice what they had learned the day before. His headache fled immediately and his whole personality changed from that moment! I know this was an opportunity for them to see how God will use them and it gave them much encouragement.”

“Regarding the gentleman who was freed from that migraine headache, let me also add a couple more interesting details: he was a Musl__m, a relatively new Christian (about 1 year, I think) and his entire family is still living in Lebanon; they are all still Musl__ms. When he sat down to eat, he was just sitting there, head down, with his hands on his head, unable to hardly speak. After we all gathered round him and commanded it (the migraine) to go, his entire persona changed from that moment and he chatted cheerily and quite animatedly throughout the entire lunch, telling all kinds of interesting stories about what the Lord was doing in his life and how he arrived here. When we all parted, he requested prayer for his Musl__m family back home in Lebanon, which we happily assured him of.”