Back Injury healed

Last weekend, faith in the name of Jesus resulted in wonderful miracles! Susan Taylor had been invited by her friend to attend our Seminar on Public Power Encounters held at the Encourager Church on Saturday. In 1991 Susan had suffered a severe back injury. By 1995 she would need back surgery on her vertebra L4 through S1. Her condition was not corrected, so in 1997 her doctors performed a 360 degree fusion on the same affected vertebra in a second surgical operation. A year later complications due to scar tissue caused her appendix to rupture. To aggravate her painful condition, Susan’s car last May knocked over an electric utility pole, severing live electrical cables which fell around her vehicle spewing sparks and electric current. In this accident she injured her knee, head, and, of course, her back. Another traffic accident compounded her suffering last month.
By last Saturday morning, Susan had agreed to attend our Seminar, but told her friend that they would have to buy a cot for her to lie down on during the Seminar. She didn’t want to endure the pain sitting on the church pew; the cot would make the pain a bit more bearable. For all practical purposes, she was disabled—she couldn’t sit, lie down flat on her back, crawl, or do housework. Sadly, she couldn’t spend time playing with her five-year-old daughter, who had begun to feel rejected by her mother. 

Susan listened attentively as I taught in the morning session. When I announced I was going to demonstrate what I had just taught, she knew the Lord was going to heal her—she had great faith in Jesus. She dragged herself forward before anyone else had a chance to respond. As she stood before me, I noticed she was constantly shifting back and forth from one leg to the other. Susan explained to me that she had to do this to minimize the pain in her legs from neuralgia when she stood up.

I laid my hand on her back, and commanded the pain to go, and her back to be healed in the name of Jesus. Then I asked her how she felt. She said the pain was completely gone! In front of everyone, she got down on her knees, crawled, turned over to lie on her back, put her body through various contortions to test it…there was no pain! Faith in the name of Jesus had healed her. In the most touching moment of all, her little five-year-old, seeing her mother free to move around for the first time, ran up to her to play and cuddle on her lap! The little girl crawled over and under her mother with glee…Susan was now free to enjoy playing with her child. Praise the Lord!