November 16, 2003

The Elijah Challenge in North America

The Elijah Challenge and the Vietnamese Baptist Church held the first ever Evangelistic Healing Crusade for the Vietnamese community in Houston. Approximately 600 people attended the meeting which was held in a Vietnamese restaurant in downtown Houston. The Lord Jesus graciously healed many, proving to the many Buddhists and idol-worshippers in the crowd that He is Lord and Savior. After the testimonies of miraculous healings, the gospel of Jesus Christ was shared. As a result there were about 40 men and women who publically acknowledged Jesus as their Lord and the only way to the Father. Sixteen of these people came forward during the invitation to provide contact information.

Two Testimonies from the Crusade

A Vietnamese man immigrated to the Houston and became a believer and follower of Christ. When he told his Buddhist family of his faith in Christ they disowned him. Later he was able to bring his family to Houston. For years his mother had suffered from severe arthritis in her shoulders. When she came to the Crusade, she was prayed over and healed. As a result, she placed her trust in Jesus and made her decision public.

A well-known doctor of eastern medicine had helped many people with their pain and sickness, but he himself continued to suffer from his own infirmity. When he came to the Crusade, a believer ministered to him in Jesus’ name and he was instantly healed. He too publicly professed Jesus as his Lord. Word about what happened is beginning to spread out through the Vietnamese community.