In the early 2000s The Elijah Challenge held some very significant Campaigns (to view these historic events please click on Egypt and Vietnam
), but now our work is closely following New Testament Scripture to help equip present-day disciples to preach the gospel more powerfully and to obey the Great Commission.

Using a scriptural approach which follows the gospels and Acts closely, The Elijah Challenge equips every disciple according to the model of Jesus Himself to minister healing to the sick as evidence to those who never heard that He is the only way to the Father. We also help equip the Church to make ready a people prepared for the return of Christ by confirming through miraculous healings the preaching of repentance from sin resulting in the fruit of personal holiness. It has been accepted by evangelical Southern Baptist leaders who have attended the Training. The time of the superstar “one-man-show” evangelist is fading and the time of the nameless disciple is at hand.

We do not teach the scriptural gift of healing as taught in 1 Corinthians 12:9, but rather the authority to heal  (Luke 9:1-2 & 10:9) which is given to the Lord’s disciples for the proclaiming of the kingdom of God—especially to non-Christian gospel-resistant people groups. Jesus moreover promised that those who believe in Him would do the works that He did (John 14:12). Scripture itself does not at all limit the validity of this promise only to proclaiming the kingdom of God to Israel in the gospels—as some teach based on the history of the Church following Acts.

This approach to preaching the gospel has been common ground for evangelicals and charismatics—and has resulted in reconciliation between the two traditions and unity within the Body of Christ. 

For the testimony and background of one of our Directors, please click on Dancing on the Edge of the Earth.

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