June 20-22, 2008

Reports from Albert Kang

The second night of Elijah Challenge training drew more people. They came because the word had spread that people were getting healed in the previous-day training. The brothers and sisters from the Orang Asli church led the worship. [Note: “Orang Asli” refers to the non-Malay, indigenous people of Malaysia.] It was most refreshing to listen to the worship songs in the Malay language. My sermon was simultaneously interpreted into Mandarin and Malay. I had to do it in both English and Mandarin. After their faith had built up, it was time for the healing demonstration. The participants placed chairs at the altar area and these were quickly filled by the infirm. Then some of the participants, who had a little more faith than others, quickly came and stood in front of all the seated infirm. God honoured the faith of these people and healed almost everybody there. From complete healing of migraine headache to miraculous disappearance of painful heel spurs.

The Healing Rally

The healing rally on the following night was well attended but there were very few non-believers. Feeling a little disappointed, I challenged the Christians to fulfill the call of God to evangelize. During the healing session, an Orang Asli’s baby was healed of high fever. An elderly man received his sense of hearing in his right ear. Subsequently, his hearing was greatly improved the following night. He was able to repeat the words that I said to his previously deaf ear. A man grimaced in pain because his whole body, from the neck down, was painful. After being ministered to a few times, he broke into a smile and testified that God had healed him of all his pain. An Orang Asli sister was miraculously healed of the pain in her chest. A Chinese teenager testified that she and her brother were not feeling well – she with shoulder pain and her brother with leg pain. They called the clinic but it was not opened. They came to healing rally because it was the only option left to heal their pain. She and her brother were completely healed and both wept in joy.

As part of the training, various church leaders took turn in giving the healing commands. Miracles continued to happen as these leaders took authority over these infirmities and diseases.

On the final night, the sanctuary was packed to standing-room space only Most of the attendees were Orang Asli. Many of these came from animistic background and tend to go back and forth from Christianity to Animism even after their apparent conversion. With one of their pastors interpreting, I emphasized that God is only please if they worship and remain faithful to only one God. Going back and forth will incur the wrath of God. After the sermon, more than half the congregation raised their hands for salvation or rededication. Then it was time for healing. All the trained believers came forth to exercise their faith. As one of the lady leaders of the Orang Asli took authority, people started to receive their healings. I was thrilled to see how God answered the desire of their hearts. Many Orang Asli were healed of shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain and pain in the limbs. All these pains were due to the hard laborious works that they did for a living. Some of the Orang Asli’s pastors, who are actually Sabahans, were very quick to learn the Elijah Challenge’s method of healing. They were full of faith and those whom they laid hands were quickly healed. A Chinese elderly man was in tears when he testified that for years, his back was in pain and how God had healed him completely. A young lady was also crying when her arm was healed. A group of trained believers was taking authority over the back pain of a middle-aged Chinese man but to no avail. However, in spite of their initial failures, due to their persistency and faith, the man was miraculously healed. A Chinese lady, who had given her life to Christ that morning, was healed of the two lumps that were on the sides of her neck. She testified with joy that the lumps were gone. Some ladies with hand pain and chest pain were also instantly healed. The most elating result of these few days of training and healing rally was that all the trained believers had learned to use their kingly authority effectively. Brother George Lee, who is instrumental in organizing this event, believes that revival will soon come to Cameron Highlands because the Christians are now able to exercise their faith and share the Gospel by healing the sick.

Report filed by:

Pastor Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia