The Elijah Challenge in North America

In our Training in Houston’s Grace Chapel, we had in attendance Dr. Katharine Hsu, M.D., F.C.C.P., Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Hsu is a committed Christian who by God’s grace has excelled in her profession, credited with wiping out children’s tuberculosis in the city of Houston. She has won seventeen academic honors and awards; thirty-nine scientific publications are credited to her, and was featured on the cover of Focus on the Family for Physicians. Even though God has used her in an extraordinary way to heal as a medical doctor, Dr. Hsu believes that God also heals supernaturally as is recorded in the Bible. After her retirement from medical practice and teaching, she desired with all her heart for the Lord to use her for His glory to heal supernaturally in the name of Jesus, even in her late eighties.

At the end of the session that Saturday morning, it was time to demonstrate what I had been teaching—ministering physical healing in Jesus’ name. A sister named Jenny who had pain and stiffness in her neck came forward for healing prayer. Dr. Hsu was seated near the front, and I asked her to come forward to lay hands on Jenny.

“Where does it hurt, Jenny?” asked Dr. Hsu with an authority born of decades of healing through medical science. Jenny pointed to the back of her neck. I instructed Dr. Hsu to lay her hand on the spot, to command the pain to go and the neck to be healed in Jesus’ name.

“The pain is gone, but my neck is still stiff,” reported Jenny afterwards. Again Dr. Hsu ministered to her with the authority Christ has given to His disciples. (Luke 9.1-2 & 10.1,9,17). Then Jenny said, “my neck is fine now, but the pain has moved down.” Jenny pointed to a spot a couple of inches below the base of her neck.

“Well, then,” I explained to the people, “since it can move around, this appears to be the work of a spirit of infirmity. Dr. Hsu, this time, command the spirit of infirmity to go in Jesus’ name.”

Dr. Hsu spoke to the spirit with authority. Jenny shifted her back to check for the pain. “The discomfort is gone,” she replied, “and even the pain that stretched down to my lower back, that I didn’t tell you about, is gone!” Praise the Lord!

Dr. Hsu turned to me, and with eyes glistening with gratitude to the Lord, said humbly, “I’ve been praying for so long for the Lord to use me to heal in this way, and today He’s beginning to answer my prayer.” Even if nothing else had been accomplished (but much was!), Dr. Hsu’s words made the Seminar worthwhile for me. I thank the Lord for His grace.