View of Daly City in San Francisco

Report by Pastor Rich Kinney

“The first day of the Healing Encounter with Brother B and his wife was very fruitful. Thirty saints from five Churches attended, varying in age from 10 to 83 years old. Among them were a Presbyterian Minister with a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from Fuller Seminary, a Baptist Missionary Pastor who spent 50 years in Southeast Asia, a “Bapti-costal” Pastor, an Independent Pastor, a junior high school teacher, and a former auto mechanic.

After completing the training we had two Crusade meetings where the trained students ministered healing to those coming forward. Every student prayed for at least one person.

Here are some of the miracles the Lord did through His disciples during those two evenings:

Mallory, a teenager, received healing in a painful shoulder. The pain in Stephanie’s newly-pierced ears left her. She got rid of the ice cube. Pain in Deanna’s wrist went away. Alicia’s headache vanished and the pain in her elbow and hand disappeared. Katt, a seeker who attended our meetings occasionally was healed of chronic back pain that had made walking very difficult for her; she was able to walk freely without pain. She wept tears of joy and was so excited that after the demonstrations of Jesus’ power to heal she received Christ during the altar call.

Mary Jane had come to the meeting hobbling on a cane. She had had knee surgery and her healing process from the surgery was complicated when two heavy bolts of fabric were accidentally dropped on her knee at a store. The knee had swollen to almost double the size of the other knee. On top of that she also suffered from a sciatic nerve problem. As Sister Teresa ministered to her with great perseverance, the sciatica disappeared, the swollen knee instantly shrank to the size of the other knee, and all the pain in her knee, back and leg disappeared. She was walking all over the sanctuary without her cane sharing her testimony with everyone. While Mary Jane was up front receiving her healing in the name of Jesus, her skeptical husband Wayne sat in the back and wasn’t quite sure if God would heal anyone that evening. But while a young woman was testifying of being healed of carpal tunnel syndrome and a chronic headache, he discovered his own painful wrist was suddenly free from pain. His carpal tunnel syndrome had completely disappeared as well! Unbelieving believers become believing believers…amazing!

A middle-aged woman had lower back pain for two years as well as pain in the arches of her feet. She testified that she was healed as Lucy prayed over her. A man who could not work because of various pains in his body testified that he was completed delivered of the pain. An elderly woman suffered from a condition in which her feet pointed outwards. As a believer ministered to her, her feet turned inwards to their normal position. A thirty-year-old man with systic fibrosis since birth testified that he felt power at work in his body as Pastor Rich laid hands on him.

These are just some of the miracles we experienced during the two evenings. Another wonderful blessing tonight was the coming together of Pastors and their Church members in a way that had never happened before! There was definitely a kindred spirit being interwoven in our hearts as believers from various ethnic groups and from pentecostal/charismatic and non-pentecostal/non-charismatic backgrounds worshiped, fellowshipped and ministered together in one place! Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus!

We recommend the ministry of The Elijah Challenge. They are very humble, capable and have much to draw upon from experiences as missionaries, church planters, and world healing evangelists. They can teach our congregations (and us) how to use our God-given authority to minister healing to the sick, cast out demons and save this wicked generation.”

One happy Pastor,

Rich Kinney 
Calvary Assembly
San Pablo, Ca. 
(510) 910-2087