July 2022

“Above was the open-air Evangelistic and Healing Rally in Kalabakan, Sabah, East Malaysia. [Kalabakan is the home of the aboriginal Murut people]. About 400-450 turned up, about 250 responded to the salvation and rededication call. A number received miraculous healings and testified. Glory to God.”

We received the above from Pastor David Ong, a servant of God in Malaysia. David and a group of other Malaysian disciples trained with The Elijah Challenge using zoom in 2021. During the above Rally, the Lord graciously used the disciples we trained to heal the sick effectively. David added…

“Praise the Lord, you have trained us and we are practicing and executing the power and authority which God has entrusted to us. We are driving along with the Elijah Challenge ministry. We hope our subsequent trips to Sabah [in Borneo] in the future will not only conduct the Evangelistic outreach, but more importantly to train locals to move in that same authority of healing the sick and saving souls. Glory to God.”