“Thank you for sending me updates regularly including the most recent testimonies from here and abroad.  I enjoy reading or watching videos about testimonies from your former students.  Not only that, The Elijah Challenge ministry also gives me both encouragement and equips me with tools to also minister healing everywhere I go.  Since I started ministering to the sick or injured 2 years ago, I’ve witnessed over 300 hundred healings already at grocery stores, neighborhood parks, bus stops, malls, churches, etc.  Yes, I commanded, as Jesus modeled, the infirmities and pain to leave in His name!

I’m excited to share with you that your teachings matured me in just few short months.  Currently, I’ve been asked to train a group of 30+ plus people in a city just a few miles north of Los Angeles.  I’ve never had any public speaking experience but with the Lord’s help, I made it through.  Just like your infancy evangelism outreach experience in Indonesia, I stepped out in faith.  Of course, I was scared but when the group saw the power of God, they were encouraged and are willing to learn more.  As I write this email to you, I had the opportunity to teach about healing twice already with that group.  I’ve busy but busy and joyful with amazement!

…but your teachings at The Elijah Challenge are more simple, to the point, and well-organized

There are hundreds of other fellow believers on YouTube doing the healing ministry but your teachings at The Elijah Challenge are more simple, to the point, and well-organized.  Because of that, I prefer to teach healing through your materials.  I know that I need to learn more and experience a lot more hands-on training but your materials will make the journey smoother.

I’m so grateful for your faithfulness.  I plan to spend my summer with evangelism – applying everything myself which I will also learn from the materials that I will teach the group.

With much appreciation,