By Neville Krieg, Elijah Challenge South Australia

May 2013

The Elijah Challenge in Australia

Last Friday was another opportunity to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in the open.  For this we as a team are always thankful as we are mindful of the opposition to such preaching in the world.  However we serve the God who is victorious and His faithfulness spurs us on to continue in spite of what opposition may come our way.  For me personally last Friday was very difficult as 2 weeks prior I injured my back and was unable to sit and drive for the one hour it would take to get to the square and then another to return.  On the Friday morning of outreach at 0930 I was lying flat on my back on a wooden pallet in the yard while talking to a dear brother in the Lord about this dilema.  He was unable to drive for me.  We prayed, not knowing what God would do.  I continued to get things in order for the outreach.  Within a very short time I received a call to say that another brother from Kapunda who had never been to the Square with us, would help me load the trailer and using his car get us both to the Square and all the time I could lie down in the passenger seat.  What a provision, and I believe Roger was blessed and encouraged from the hours we spent together.

The weather was cloudy but just as we arrived the clouds thickened and it really felt like it was about to rain.  Quietly I prayed.  I said, “God, would this be the first time in over three years You let it rain, please don’t” There was no rain, it was a beautiful but cold evening.

Peter, who had been a drug user (needles for 12 years) gave an inspiring heartfelt message of how God had taken him from the gutter and restored him to the point where he is fully consumed in serving God every day of his life.  The sincerity of his heart was expounded to those present as he read from the very Bible (almost miraculously placed in his hands some years ago) and he held it up to show the people the crimpled latter pages which had become waterlogged during his mixing drugs of his former life. 

Nothing speaks louder for the power of the living God than one changed life.  Later in the evening Peter was asked by 2 chinese girls passing by, what the gathering was about.  He explained; they did not know Jesus, they each took a bible and said they will go home and read it.

Every one present at the outreach has their own impression of what God did on the night. For me, 2 Korean boys came across from the basket ball court which is right next to the spot where we meet.  They were interested and then told me that they also believed, one asked me what was I reading in scripture in my time with God, I told him and then I asked them what they were both reading.  They both reached for their iPhones and quickly opened to the relevant pages.  I had the privilage to pray with them and encourage them in their walk and witness.  They were so appreciative.

As the BBQ started a young man was bought over to me.  He was distressed, in tears and helpless.  He asked how he can find help that he desperately needed as he had been raped two nights prior.  He told me how he felt so dirty, and awful inside, saying that he just wanted to die and go to heaven to see his mum.  He asked me if suicide was an option.  This young man was at the limit of anything that resembled normality in relationship.  I later found that he was a male prostitute.  We spent a lot of time ministering to him in the name of Jesus Christ that a breakthrough would come in his life.  Later in the evening (dark by now) as we were all packed up we joined arms to thank God for what He again did in the Square.  This young man appeared (from seemingly nowhere) and joined us.  When we had finished praying, then he prayed.  I am sure God heard his cry for help and I continue to pray for him in my own time.

Many other things occured and everyone on the team had their own experience of God working to which they could testify, this is just some of what I saw.

I must say, that every time I drive off that Square at the end of outreach, I say to myself, “That was so good” Every outreach is different.  God draws different people all with the same underlying need, to find purpose in life and the strength to go to another day.  We know, that is only found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our next outreach is planned for 21st June.