Reports from Albert Kang

19-22 March 2008

On 30th December 2007, Zoe Christian Fellowship had a taste of the healing power of God in their midst. They had asked me to preach on that Sunday and after the sermon, I had shown them how they, as ordinary believers, could heal the infirm in the name of Jesus. They experienced the miracles of divine healing and the leadership had decided that their members should learn more about The Elijah Challenge End-Time Model of Evangelism.

This church has been worshipping on this third-level building for eight years and it has a regular attendance of 70 plus worshippers. Pastor Elin, the newly appointed pastor, expressed the desire to see her church grow. So did two of her Elders, Brother Wong and Brother Andrew. Within their hearts, there was already expectancy that God would be doing something different in their church and they would be winning souls and also seeing their congregation increase in number.

The first night of training was received with much enthusiasm. Most of the leaders and key members were present. Our team, which consisted of my wife, Grace and her parents, Brother and Sister Ong, was in an upbeat mood because we knew that God would be doing something great in this church. The participants learned about the challenge that Prophet Elijah gave to the 450 prophets of Baal. That would be the kind of challenge that modern Christians would be giving to the non-believers. Instead of arguing or debating with people from other religions, the Christians just need to say to these people that “the God who heals you is the real God!” Then with mountain-moving faith, the Christians would just proceed to heal the infirm in the name of Jesus.

I told the participants that the problem was never with the promises of God or the authority given by Christ. The real problem would always be our ability to exercise the faith to believe and activate this God-given authority to heal. During the session, by assimilating massive amount of scriptural verses, the faith of the participants would increase rapidly.

The second day was a long extended session from 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. After which there was a healing rally in the evening. In spite of a long day, the participants were excited about their newly discovered authority and faith. As the participants exercised their faith, the Lord honoured them by healing the infirm. People with pain in their heads, shoulders, hands, backs, knees and legs received healings as they took authority over all the infirmities.

On the final night, some members from Kepong Full Gospel Assembly arrived to join their newly trained compatriots in healing the infirm. A notable partial healing happened to Stevens, a non-believer. As authority was taken over his blind eyes, he saw red branches which he later identified as the blood vessels in his left eye. Then later in the evening, as his friend walked in front of him, he was able to see her blue blouse. Stevens and his wife, Kay, would give their lives to Christ on the following day which was Resurrection Sunday (23 March). At the time of this report, he was able to see colours and movements as we continue to pray for him. Another good news was that we were able to help Brother Stevens and Sister Kay remove idols, amulets, charms and all the paraphernalia of Feng Shui from their home. We then dedicated to their apartment to the Lord by anointing it with oil. This is one example about what the training that The Elijah Challenge can achieve. Ordinary believers heal the sick and then lead the person, who experiences the miracles, to Christ.

Zoe Christian Fellowship as a whole is also moving forward by faith. Now with most of their members trained in healing the sick in the context of evangelism, this church is taking a definite step of faith to relocate their worship location. Pastor Elin and the Church Elders have found a better and larger location that has many parking spaces and most importantly an elevator. With this improvement, the elderly, the pregnant ladies and the physically challenged should find it easier to attend worship services at Zoe Christian Fellowship. The leadership is also challenging the church members to invite people to come and experience the miraculous healing power of Christ. We believe that before too long, Zoe Christian Fellowship can report tremendous miracles and church growth too!

Reported by:
Rev Albert and Grace Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia