Thursday, 19 June 2008

Reports from Albert Kang

All Souls Church is situated at the little town of Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. It was built in 1956 to serve the British military personnel and therefore has the distinct look of an army barrack. Today, the church is run by the Anglican diocese and it is well attended by the locals.

At about 7.30 PM, some 40 participants turned up for the Elijah Challenge Training on 19th June at All Souls Church. They came from different churches and majority of them came from a Methodist church.

After two worship songs led by Brother George Lee, the training began. It was a little tough for me because I had to conduct the lesson in both English and Mandarin. At the back of the sanctuary, there were seven participants who had to receive the teaching in Malays. Pastor Jeremiah Lee was doing the interpretation for them.

The participants were very receptive to the words and soon they were fully involved with the training. I took them through the story of Elijah, Elisha and the testimony of David. All of them agreed that they were afraid of a different type of religious Goliath that is now dominating their country. The boldness and courage of David serves as an inspiration for them to stand firm against their own Goliath.

They learned about the Priestly Authority, Prophetic Authority and also the Kingly Authority. They understood the importance of not mixing the three anointings together when healing the infirm. After showing them some file pictures of Elijah Challenge healing rallies, I proceeded to the demonstration.

Twelve people with various types of infirmity came forward to be healed. Then I requested the “Born-Again” participants to heal these people by faith. As they laid their hands upon the infirm, I gave the commands for the diseases and pains to leave these infirm. The Lord’s presence was right in the midst and miracles began to happen.

The first to testify was a brother who healed of his back pain, followed quickly by a sister whose painful left shoulder was healed. Then more came forth to testify of instant miraculous healing of various pains and discomforts. A five-year old girl was healed and requested to testify. It was such joy to watch her giving glory to Jesus. A man who healed of his back pain and chest pain wanted me to pray for his wife who was very shy. She had sat at the back and refused to come forward to be healed. With a couple of sisters, I took authority over her infirmities. She had suffered from pain in abdomen, painful spur in her foot and also breathing problem. Praise the Lord, once again, His power came and the lady was healed completely of all pains. I thank our precious Lord and Saviour that the first night at Cameron Highlands was a victorious one.

Report filed by:

Pastor Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia