Reports from Albert Kang

Pastor Wong is the pastor in charge of the Chinese ministry of Full Gospel Assembly in Kepong, in the northern part of Kuala Lumpur. He had attended the recent Elijah Challenge Training at FGA KL in Klang. He organized this Elijah Challenge End-time Model of Evangelism because he was convinced that his congregation needed this training so as to powerfully reach out to the primarily Chinese-speaking and idol-worshipping community in this Kepong area.

Pastor Wong leading worship

About 45 participants turned up for the first-night seminar. Pastor Wong led two worship songs and passed to me after a quick introduction. As this was the first time that I had to conduct Elijah Challenge seminar in Mandarin, I was a little apprehensive. I prayed to the Lord for a special anointing so that I could be fluent in my presentation and that the participants would be able to understand clearly.

The day before the seminar, I had come under spiritual attack. My throat became sore and the amount of phlegm also increased. I was coughing and suffering from a slight sore throat. To add to the crisis, Grace drove over a deep pothole and badly jarring my spine. Knowing the ploys of the evil one, we took authority over his works. An email was quickly dispatched to all Elijah Challengers and fellow Christians. Promises of supporting prayer fire power arrived and I could feel the healing in the throat and back. When the evening approached, I was more than ready to go into battle.

I explained clearly that the purpose of them listening to individual scriptural verses was to build up their faith. They were not to learn the formula because there would be none. They would learn the principles and activate them to see the results.

The lesson began with an emphasis for unity. Then it quickly proceeded to a description of the present Church’s condition and how we all needed to pull up our socks as disciples of Christ. The participants seemed to love the story of Elijah taunting the prophets of Baal. “The fire came down” – every participant was visibly delighted at the faith of Elijah. Challenging the participants to have similar type of faith, I declared that the fire can come again.

The story of David and Goliath also provided the participants with equal excitement. How God would use a young shepherd to destroy a menacing national threat. This was possible because of the simple faith that this young shepherd had. I asked them that if they had asked their young child to wait for them at a shopping mall, would the child doubt whether the parents would return for him? What if a stranger told the child that the parents had discarded him? Would the child doubt? He would not if he knew his parents well. In the same manner, we should never doubt the love and sincerity of our loving Heavenly Father. We should have absolute faith in Him. Such unshakable assurance can only come when we have a close relationship with God and understand Him completely. The participants learned that in the End-Time, God is going to reveal the “spirit of Elijah” through the Church. Showing various scriptures, I encourage every participant to expect miracles in his or her life.

Then it was time for demonstration of the healing power of Christ. Among the participants were some who were new in the faith and even one non-Christian. Fourteen people with various types of ailments came forward for divine healing. I then invited the rest of the participants to come forward and heal the sick themselves. Some were a little hesitant, smiling in confused reluctance. Pastor Wong stepped in and instructed his members to response to my request.

Sister Angela, wife of Pastor Wong, lays hands on an infirm person

With brief instructions on how to lay hands and take authority, I proceeded with the commands. As expected, the healing began – the first lady testified that her headache was gone. Another lady testified that her knee pain had left her completely. The rest of the infirmed people testified that their conditions had improved greatly.

Pastor Wong & Pastor Albert leading the ministry of healing

Laying hands on the infirm

Explaining that at one time, Jesus had to take the authority the second time because the man that He had initially healed, said that he could not see clearly and men still looked like trees to him (Mark 8:24). I commanded the second time as the believers laid their hands on the infirm and repeated the commands after me. Miracles happened and more were healed. A brother with a bloated stomach, that caused him much discomfort, experienced instant relief. A lady, who had suffered for over twenty years from an injured spine, after a high-jump accident, testified excitedly. She said that her back pain had affected her legs, causing them to become numb. She was thrilled that the back pain had eft completely and the numbness had gone too. Another lady, with a painful ankle, rejoiced and testified with wide smile when she discovered the pain gone. A middle-aged man was so happy that his hands and wrists were healed of pain. The pain in the back of a lady had also mysteriously disappeared after she was being ministered to.

We thank God for the healing. The demonstration proved that the ordinary “faceless and nameless” believers were able to heal in the name of Jesus without the need of having a celebrated evangelist with the gift of healing to come. The people left the seminar with uplifted faith and some told me that they would definitely invite their unsaved loved ones to attend the healing rallies on Saturday and Sunday.

Reported by Rev Albert Kang, Coordinator, Elijah Challenge Asia