Hosted by Pastor Loveday Anwuri of Church of God Mission International in Port Harcourt (of the late Apostle Benson Idahosa)

November 20-21, 2004

The open-air Crusade was, in the words of our host pastor Loveday Anwuri, a “huge success!”

Prior to the Crusade, Brother B. trained hundreds of believers in Pastor Loveday’s Church of God Mission International.

Since 1971 Pastor Loveday has been involved in various Crusades held in villages outlying the city of Port Harcourt. At the final open-air meeting in the village of Emohua he saw ten times as many people attend as he had seen in past village Crusades. They were likely drawn by the reports of miraculous healings that had taken place during the first evening.




We preached about Elijah challenging the servants of Baal on Mt. Carmel. When the Lord answered with fire, the people fell prostrate and acknowledged that “the Lord—He is God, the Lord—He is God!”

Occultic activity and witchcraft are common in Emohua. That evening we told the people that they would do as Elijah did so that the people could know which is the true God—the Lord or the local principalities. He prayed to the God of Elijah and asked Him to send healing fire, to perform miracles of healing that only the true God alone can do. After the prayer, we called the trained believers to come to the front to lay hands on the sick in Jesus’ name.

Through His servants the true God multiplied miracles of healing. One by one they came up to the platform to testify of their healing. After the testimonies I told the crowd that the Lord had clearly demonstrated that He is the only true God, far greater than the local deities. I said that the only way to know this Holy God as our Father was through faith in Jesus Christ His Son who died on the cross to bear our sins. When I gave the altar call, four to five hundred precious souls rushed forward to make Jesus their Lord and Savior. 



As a result of the Crusade, a new church was planted in Emohua. It has been named “Church of God Mission International, Elijah Challenge.” Pastor Anwuri’s congregation has now been equipped with the new model of evangelism to fulfill the Great Commission in Port Harcourt.


Report for Emohua Miracle Crusade 2004

by Pastor Gideon Ewa, Church of God Mission International (Elijah Challenge)
Church of God Mission Int’l Inc. Nkpolu-Rumuigbo Port Harcourt

Held a crusade at Emohua town in Rivers State of Nigeria, with guest minister Brother Bill from U.S.A. on the 18th – 21st of Nov. 2004.

“The aim of the crusade was to open a new branch in the Emohua town. The crusade kicked off with a teaching seminar on Healing on the 18th Nov. 2004 in the church hall at Nkolu-Rumuigbo Port Harcourt. I was well attended with a population of over 500 persons. During the cause of the teaching, there were practical demonstration of the healing power of God and testimonies of those healed.

This seminar also serves as training for the workers that were used on the following two days of the crusade proper in the field of Government Secondary School Emohua that was used as the venue for the crusade. The crusade was well attended on the following two days being 19th and 20th of Nov. 2004, both by people from the Dist. Headquarter Church, Choba area of Port Harcourt and the land of Emohua in which it was being held.

Souls saved: three hundred and fifty souls filled the decision card indication their acceptance of Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and saviour. Most of them attended the Inaugural service.

The new church called Church of God Mission (Elijah Challenge) branch planted in cause of this crusade holds services in a rented accommodation Emohua. The first service was conducted by Brother Bill himself with 50 people in attendance.

Testimonies of healing:

During the crusade one Mrs. Anna Nkem Obowu, who had a fracture on her left ankle as result of an accident, and with constant pain was healed. The fracture was supernaturally healed and since then she can walk perfectly with no pain. She and her husband are now committed members of the new church and are among the first baptized members of the church. Another is Sunny Akah. The man of God Brother Bill gave a word of knowledge about somebody that a long time pain in the joint of the legs and asked the person to come forth to be prayed for. Bro. Sunny Akah who had being having a seasonal long time pain in his left knee for eight months was healed. Though he didn’t come out when the man of God gave this word but he later came to testify during our end of year thanksgiving on the 31st of Dec. 2004.

In general the Emohua crusade was a huge success and the church is now one of the fastest growing churches in the town. Recently the have asked the headquarter for more chairs to accommodate new members.

There were many other healing testimonies that took place during the crusade.”

-Evangelist Gideon Ewa
Pastor, Church of God Mission International (Elijah Challenge) 
Emohua – Rivers State