Brother Tee Joo Tatt is an Elijah Challenge-trained servant of God based in Malaysia

“This is my brief report of my October 2016 Elijah Challenge Training in 14 different churches in the country of Nepal.”


Brother Tee Joo Tatt on the left

“I was in Nepal from 3-21 October 2016 to give The Elijah Challenge Training—how to minister to the sick as Jesus taught and commanded His disciples when He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God to the lost. I went to 14 different churches in 8 districts Kavre, Chitwan, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Kaski, Surkhet, Kailali and Kanchanpur in the far west. The distance from the furthest east to the furthest west is about 800 km and the road conditions are pretty bad.

There were many miraculous healings as the people put into practice the power and authority Jesus entrusted to His disciples for preaching the gospel to the lost (Luke 9:1-2, 10:1 & 9).

These are the photos with captions:

These are the 14 churches:

1) Wed, 5th Oct 10:30am – Training at Balambu Koinonia church, Kathmandu

2) Thu, 6th Oct 11am – Training at Beth Shalom church, Bhaisepati, Lalitpur

3) Fri, 7th Oct 10:00am – Training at Markhu Koinonia church, Makwanpur district

4) Sat, 8th Oct 10:30am – Training at Banepa Koinonia church, Kavre District

5) Sun, 9th Oct 10:30am – Training at Bhaktapur Koinonia church, Bhaktapur district

6) Mon, 10th Oct 10:30am – Training at Phutung Koinonia church, Kathmandu

7) Tue, 11th Oct 10:30am – Training at Sitapaila Koinonia church, Kathmandu



8) Wed, 12th Oct 09:00am – Training at Ananta Jiwan Church, Kurintar, Chitwan district

9) Thu, 13th Oct 10:30am – Training at Nepal Christian Mandali, Talchowk Lakhnath, Pokhara – Combined churches – Kaski district

10) Fri, 14th Oct Morning- Training at Nawa Jiwan, AG church, Bharatpur, Chitwan district

11) Sun, 16th Oct 9:00am – Training at Anugrah Church, Birendranagar, Surkhet district

12) Mon, 17th Oct 10:00am – Training at Grace Church, Lamki, Kailali district

13) Tue, 18th Oct 10:30am – Training at Phukka Shanti Aradhana Church, Chagaaun Parasan village, Kanchanpur district

14) Wed, 19th Oct 8:00am – Training at FGT church, Dhangadhi, Kailali district



“On 24 October 2016, I got this wonderful news from Pastor Saroj Shahu of Lamki:

‘I was at Anugrah Church in Lamki, Nepal to give The Elijah Challenge Training on 17 October 2016. There was this man who gave his testimony of how he was delivered from the terrible stomach pain he had for 7 years and that he was delivered from the evil spirit.’

Today (24 October 2016) Pastor Saroj wrote to inform me that the man had accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal Savior. Praise God!”


Pastor Shahu ministering to infirm man who had demons 

“Pastor Saroj also wrote that the church has been blessed by The Elijah Challenge Training which shows how disciples have authority over demons and sicknesses for the sake of the gospel.

Pastor Saroj has about six branch churches quite far away and he will do this Elijah Challenge Training for the branch churches. Praise God!”

Your servant in Christ,
Joo Tatt
(Brother Joo Tatt was trained by Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator Pastor Albert Kang)


 Brother Tee Joo Tatt on the right