Reports from Albert Kang

Pastor Wong of the Chinese ministry at FGA, Kepong had dedicated two nights (Saturday and Sunday) to be the healing rally. However, on Sunday’s morning, the regular worship service was changed to a healing service and so it had become a part of the healing rally.

On Saturday evening, the trained believers had gathered earlier for prayers and briefings. They were also given arm bands for identification purpose because we wanted to be sure that those who minister to the infirm were all trained Elijah Challengers. The people started to arrive and had filled up to only half the hall before Pastor Wong began the worship at 7.35 PM.

Saturday Evening Rally

When I took over to preach, more people had arrived and soon the hall was about two-third filled. Expecting some non-believers in the midst, I shared my testimony – using my own search for the true God and how God in turn searched for me and saved me. I shared about a loving God who had come to love and save all mankind. Before the healing session, I invited the non-believers to make a decision for Christ. Pastor Wong led everybody in the prayer of repentance and salvation.

The healing session began with much enthusiasm. Two rows of chairs were arranged in the front for the infirm to sit. This could be done only because it was a small-scale rally. In large rally, everybody would have to stand – whether they are weak or not. Elijah Challenge rallies do not need to be on a large scale. Such rallies are very economical and there is no need to invite any specially anointed preachers to heal the sick. Every Born-again believer in the church is trained to heal the sick and the pastors can organize their own healing rallies any time they like.

Trained believers ministering to the infirm

As the infirm took their seats, the trained believers positioned themselves in front of them. An atmosphere of expectation filled the air and they were eager to begin. I gave the instruction for them to first interview the infirm before laying their hands on the affected areas. As there were not enough trained believers to lay hands on all the infirm, I asked the infirm to lay hands on themselves. Pastor Wong was doing a good job in taking authority as my voice was still weak from the sore throat. As command after command rang out, miracles began to happen. What a joy to watch the infirm being thrilled at their own healings and the trained believers shocked at their ability to be the channels of healing. Elderly people with arthritis in their limbs were among the first to be healed. We have discovered after quite a few healing rallies that healing people with knee problems seem to be the easiest. Then the people with backaches and headaches were healed. Each testified with such joy and some in disbelief. The Saturday’s healing rally had become memorable for those who were healed – it was a night of thanksgiving and gratitude.


The Church was packed on Sunday’s morning. My father-in-law, Brother Ong, was one of those leaders who served Holy Communion that morning. I am so proud of him – how God has taken this former Buddhist, steep in his superstitious belief, and transformed him into a dedicated servant of God. He was also instrumental in getting Pastor Wong interested in having the Elijah Challenge seminar and rally.

As it was Palm Sunday, I preached about Jesus chasing out the merchants and money changers from the Temple. I told the people that in similar vein Jesus would like to clear out every obstructing sin and weakness in our lives. I challenged them to confess and repent before the Lord so that they would have a clear conscience to minister effectively.

After a prayer of repentance led by Pastor Wong, we proceeded to the healing of infirmed bodies. A man was healed of irritation in his eye. Another elderly lady could see clearly after hands were laid on her eye. Sister Angela, Sister Christina and I attended to a demonised woman in the prayer room. I later realised that this woman was also suffering from mental disorder. Back in the meeting hall, a lady who had a growth on her left upper arm was suddenly demonised. I had told the participants that if the pain or growth moved from one part of the body to another, they might be encountering demonic force. The ministering believers did see the growth moved. The lady began screaming, hitting and kicking those who were ministering to her.

After watching the recorded video, I was extremely pleased to see that the trained believers, instead of fleeing in fear, charged forward and took authority over the demons. My wife, Grace, and the other “fearless” believers managed to subdue and cast out the demons. After the incident, the victim was so embarrassed that she apologised to those whom she had hit and kicked. Grace found out that this lady was not committed to the Lord and that she had been reading and depending on horoscope to guide her daily life. Most so-called demonised “Christians” are not what we would call true “followers of Christ”.

On the final night of the rally, I felt led by the Lord to heal the people of inner hurts and pain before proceeding to healing of the bodies. I encouraged them to bring their inner hurts and pain to the Lord and allow Him to throw these into the “Lake of Forgetfulness”. They were asked to forgive those who hurt them and also to be released from the bondage of self-condemnation. To my surprise, quite a number of people came forth to be prayed for. As I laid my hands on each individual, tears flow freely down their cheeks. Some of them had hurts that were buried for some thirty to forty years. Way back in their childhood, they suffered humiliation and abuses – and all these were trapped in their hidden emotion. As the Lord healed them, I could see the change in their disposition.

We also noted that there were some who were partially healed and in varying stages of recovery. A lady had an eye problem and we noticed that during the training seminar, she had come out and asked to be prayed for. She experienced partial healing and was grateful for it. However, with every opportunity, she would persistently come forth and asked to be healed. On the final night of the rally, the Lord healed her eyes and she testified that she could see clearly and all images are no longer blurred to her (see her photo below). An elderly lady in her 80s had her legs healed and they became strong enough for her to stand and move without assistance. A man who suffered from a stroke had his painful hand healed and he could close his fingers. People with pain in head, legs, hands and chest were healed in the name of Jesus.

This woman was able to see clearly by the third evening

The Chinese ministry of Full Gospel Assembly in Kepong is now empowered to heal the sick in the context of preaching the Gospel. Pastor Wong and his wife, Sister Angela, made a commitment to encourage all the trained believers to continue in exercising their new-found authority and power so that they can create a powerful impact in their community.

Reported by Rev Albert Kang, Coordinator, Elijah Challenge Asia