Reports from Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator Albert Kang

First Healing Encounter – 8th January 2014

We had a good First Healing Encounter session on 8th January 2014. Thank you for praying with us, dear brothers and sisters. It was a time of humble beginning. Pastor Luke Chan led us in worship. After the worship, we were like singing with a crowd of thousands. Bearing in mind, our outreach center is situated in the midst of a whole row of illegal gambling dens. We believe that our worship will bring the glory of God to focus in our immediate neighbourhood. 

After giving a brief teaching about the power and authority to heal, it was time for the participants to practice what they had learned. As they exercised their faith, the Lord confirmed his word with a miraculous healing. Brother Michael was suffering from pain in the shoulder and elbow for a long time. He had stopped playing tennis because of the pain. After the first command for healing, he was able to stretch his hand to the back. After subsequent commands, he could stretch, swing and do his awesome smash. Trust that he will get back to the tennis court with better performance. Praise the Lord for this first session of healing miracles and all who exercised their faith to heal.

Second Healing Encounter – 8th January 2014

In these Healing Encounter Sessions, we seek to provide ministry support, training, teaching, healing and prayer opportunities for the Believers in Malaysia and Asia. It has the goal of training and raising Elijah Challengers who would become leaders in the ministries of healing the sick for the extension of God’s kingdom. On 15th January 2014, another group of five new participants learned about how to exercise their faith in laying hands and healing the infirm. Praise the Lord for those healed during the demonstration time.


Healing Miracles @ Shekinah Community Centre (Tamil)

Shekinah Community Centre (The Church pastored by Rev Henry Liew) has a Tamil ministry whose pastor is Pastor Vincent Louis. On 12 January 2014, we ministered at this service which was held from 9:00 AM. The Lord confirmed His Words by healing all who responded by faith. Praise the Lord!


Healing Miracles @ Shekinah Community Centre

Shekinah Community Centre is a Foursquare Gospel church based in Ipoh. Rev Henry and Dr. Jenny Liew are the pastors in charge of this church. The English Service began at 11:00 AM, right after Sister Grace and I ministered at the Tamil Service. On 12 January, 2014, it was Mission Sunday and so part of the ministry was to challenge the congregation to make a commitment to both local and foreign missions. Our own Outreach at BRP was privileged to receive a one-time love gift of RM 6000 from this mission funds. We were given a mock cheque for photo-taking purpose. Sister Grace and I represent the team at our Outreach in thanking the Pastors and Board of Shekinah Community Centre for their generous support. During the Healing session, we had a number of people healed by the Lord. They came out to testify of the goodness of our Lord. What a wonderful Saviour we have!