Reports from Elijah Challenge Africa Coordinator Emmanuel Rhema

Benin republic is a small country close to Nigeria, it is a place where most of the people across African nation go to buy second half stuffs like clothes, cars etc. It is indeed a business country.

The people there are hospitable, they love God but they are cold in prayer, maybe because of the level of poverty they are experiencing. There are many idol-worshippers, but not as pronounced as Christianity over there, the same is applicable to Togo. Togo is a small country close to Benin Republic, they are almost the same people but have a little difference.

Nov. 1st to 4th was a very glorious moment in Benin Republic, but we could not hold the healing seminar the first day, we only held the crusade in the evening with about 100 people in attendance, mostly ministers and church workers, I preached on the topic Jesus the wonder worker is here, after the message I called for the sick people, people with various sickness came out for healing, among whom are seven young men born deaf and dumb, after the prayers, three were heal instantly as they testify openly. Among those healed was a young woman with fibroid who said she could no lounger feel the growth and pain in her, another woman testify that she had chest pain for over fifteen years, when the healing command was going on, she felt a cool sensation on her chest, suddenly she could no longer feel any pain. A woman who was poison, as the result of the poison she became very lean, often vomiting blood, she said, she has been on medication for the past five years without any improvement, but during the healing command she vomited black substance that almost fill a bathing bucket. The next day of the meeting, she was looking so lively and full of strength, jumping and praising God. A man testified that he had a pile that despite medication he was still suffering from it, that his anus is always bringing out blood. While the healing command was going on, he felt a sensation in his anus, on checking it in the toilet, the anus has enter inside and the flow of blood seized.

The second day we had more crowds in the indoor crusade, many notable healing took place. Most of the sinners gave their life to Jesus and the believers rededicated their life to God.

The seminar was wonderful, as the believers were taught how to heal the sick, we did practical in the seminar, and in the evening they minister to the sick in crusade without me ministering to anybody, and there were a lot of testimonies, they were happy that God can use them, some of the pastor/believers were shedding tears, that if they knew that they can be used to hear the sick, some of the people that died of sickness wouldn’t have died.

The seminar and indoor crusade end with joy as I announced to them that my father Brother Bill will be coming to Benin republic by December. They rose up and were clapping their hands as we share the grace in fellowship.

When the believers ministered to the sick, we had testimonies like migraine headache; back pains, waist pains, leg pains and a deaf boy were healed. I believe if there were other kind of sickness and diseases present God would have used them to heal. Many souls were converted, and the believers were strengthened.


To God Be The Glory




LOME (Togo, West Africa) SEMINAR & CRUSADE

8th –11 November was another glorious day in Lome, the attendance were encouraging as people came all the way from nebouring community like, Asigame, Nekafu, Agohire etc, we did not record any notable miracle, apart from a paralyze woman that walked, but the believers were trained in the seminars, and souls were won in the indoor crusade, in the seminars the believers were stirred up and their understanding were opened as their faith rose greatly. We ministered to the people mostly people with pain in their bodies and they were instantly healed.

On the third day of the crusade a woman that could not walk were brought into the crusade as she sat on the chair, she cannot stand without an aid but after we minister healing to her she rose up and walked without an aid from anybody.