October 2009

Other Elijah Challenge events in Malaysia

Basic Training at Full Gospel Tabernacle, Kota Kinabalu

The Elijah Challenge was hosted by Pastor Eu Hong Seng and his wife Pastor Yapp Gaik Sim of Full Gospel Tabernacle

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia (two green land masses) in Southeast Asia


First, the Advanced Training

Nearly 200 disciples gathered for the Elijah Challenge Advanced Training at Full Gospel Tabernacle in Subang Jaya. Most of these had attended the Basic Training at least once previously. The primary purpose of the Advanced Training was to increase their confidence and effectiveness in healing the sick as Jesus commanded his disciples so that they would be able to conduct the Basic Training for other believers.

Throughout the three sessions the participants were given periodic hands-on opportunities to heal the sick. At the end of the first session, a brother named Alvin limped forward for healing. He had post-operative ligament tears in his knees which prevented him from running. Two other brothers came forward and I instructed them to lay hands on him and to command his knees and ligaments to be healed in the name of Jesus Christ. Then I commanded him to walk.

Alvin took off and walked back and forth at the front of the hall without a limp. Then I told him to run. He began to jog—something that he could not do before. He turned around and jogged back in the other direction, and then back again. The Lord had confirmed His word and teaching through this and other miraculous healings we witnessed during the Training. After the Training we held evangelistic healing rallies where we would apply what was taught under actual battlefield conditions.


Then, the Evangelistic Healing Rallies

At these meetings Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as the only way to heaven with all other paths leading to condemnation in hell. The proof that this was the incontrovertible truth would be the miraculous healings he would perform on the infirm through his trained disciples.

The many trained believers stood in single file from one corner of the spacious auditorium across the front, stretching all the way to the back corner. After prayer, the infirm were invited to come to the front to be healed. The disciples laid their hands on them and exercised their authority in the name of Jesus Christ. After several minutes, people who had been healed ascended to the platform to testify that the Lord Jesus had healed them. The testimonies were many and varied; some were quite impressive. The Lord had brought glory to himself through his disciples. They had applied the teaching faithfully and ministered effectively in his name.

Then we challenged those present, both Christians as well as non-Christians, to repent of their sins and to obey the Lord. Many raised their hands, and a handful accepted Christ as Lord and Savior for the first time. There was much rejoicing at the goodness of God and the things He had so graciously done in our midst. The trained disciples were built up in their faith seeing how the Lord had used them.

John 14:12 was being fulfilled in our midst—those who believe on Jesus had done the miraculous works that he did. May they now be encouraged and emboldened to begin training other disciples to minister in power and boldness just as they themselves have been trained. May the fruit from this Advanced Training be multiplied and may it last to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Many testimonies of miraculous healing confirm the gospel of Jesus Christ

“I was very impressed and encouraged by the number of miraculous healing performed on the 17th of October at Full Gospel Tabernacle, Wisma Eagle @ 7.30 pm Saturday meeting. I would like to encourage you on the following healing carried out by God through me on the laying on of hands.

a) Partial healing on a man who had Parkinson’s disease. He felt a lifting of a burden.
b) An African gentleman healed on his right knee cap. He could feel his ligaments and joints mend together.
c) A man healed from stress and pain on his chest. 
d) The laying of hands on an allergic man with multiple skin disease. He felt a moment of relief on his right hand.
e) A Nigerian gentleman healed through confession of his past bitterness and disappointments.

All for the glory of God.”

-Brother Andrew (from Penang)

“I am still excited about the healings occurred on the 2 nights after completed my advance training on 16 & 17 Oct 09, so I would like to report before I forget the details.

17 Oct 09, The first man, Mr Goh age 76 who I prayed with my church mate, David Lim ( who has just learned this in this session) has diabetes for 30 years and his right eye was almost totally blind. I known this is a moderate mountain that our Father has given us to practise and also to glorify Him. Without hesitation, we prayed for his right eye and diabetes. After a few rounds, he can see and David rushed and brought him up to the platform to testify.

On 18 Oct 09, the second man Richard Ng who we prayed for also has serious diabetes for decades with his right leg stiffened with pain. Again we prayed for him excitedly and he felt more than half of the pain gone off and walked freely. So we brought him up to testify. He said as a buddhist, he came without expecting much but was surprised that it worked; and he will accept Jesus as his savior if this healing continues. 

While I was praying for this man, I believe by God leading, Senior Pastor Hong Seng came and asked me to pray for another man just behind me. Know who he was? The same Mr Goh who I had prayed for the night before. We were so glad to meet again. He told me his blood suger was “normal” on Sunday morning – a great miracle. I told him he can re-confirm this with his doctor later on before reducing the insulin japs. With that encourging testimony from him, I prayed more for his right eye with another. He said he seem better and better after each prayer. And I told him on how to keep the healing by commanding it as we had done and by giving thanks to the Loving Father.

God bless you all and continue to teach and I will keep doing this until the Kingdom comes.”

-Seng Kon


Testimonies in the immediate aftermath of the Training

“Thank you for being with us at FGT, Subang Jaya last two weeks ago.

My family and I wish to extend our greatest appreciation for the great wisdom God has granted both of you. We are indeed very touched that both of you are blessed to be able to carry out so much and shared with all of us in FGT.

Your training re-emphaiszed our great faith in God’s miraculous healing ability that it has further entrenched my faith that nothing is imppossible for God. We will pray that God will continue to grant all of us this wisdom & the boldness in soul winning through healing to fulfil the Great Commission; in one way or another.

It is indeed an inspirational event for me especially that discovering the Elijah Challenge could be used for this purpose. Frankly, I was lost as to how I could do so to win more souls for His kingdom until I learnt about the Elijah Challenge path. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah, praise the Lord.

I also wish to thank God for ensuring both your safe arrival in the States. Once again, thank you so much for the training materials/PowerPoint slides etc. God bless you both always.

Meanwhile, I would like to receive the regular prayer updates from your end. Praise the Lord, this would further allow ourselves to be in touch with God always. Thank you in advance for this offer.

As for the testimony on the healing event at FGT, I will in due course send you mine. Rev William, for the record, I was the brother who had all the ligament tears in my knee and had not been able to run after my operation. God made it possible for me to run again. Hallelujah….Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

Until we communicate again, God bless both of you always.”


“I received an sms in my handphone from a Full Gospel Fellowship member with a message that this man had been admitted to the General Hospital in Penang. [He was suffering from lymphoma in his thigh.]

I was given all the details with regard to the Ward number and room. I immediately made my way to the hospital to meet up with this man. On arrival there were other members of the FGF present beside his bed. I approached the man and asked him if he had any past ancestral sins that may have hindered his ability to be healed.

He confessed and repented within the next ten minutes. At first he was reluctant to do so for fear of his friends watching him. I comforted and encouraged him that it was the power and authority of the Kingdom of God who could heal him. He surrendered to the will of God and I proceeded to pray over him as mentioned in James 5:13-16.

Out of COMPASSION I carried out the instructions as I had been taught in the basic and advanced training manual. He manifested by vomiting into a cough bag and fell back into his bed with a loud ‘thud’. He fell into a deep sleep and that was the last I saw of him.

The other friends beside me motioned me to leave the hospital in event there may be further repercussions. Later, when I returned home, I received a phone call that he had been healed partially and was able to walk up and down the hospital. He will be discharged soon according to the doctor. Praise the Lord.”


Healing of a bedridden man

“I received an sms from a Bible Study Fellowship Christian friend to minister healing his father. His father had a stroke from the neck downwards with multiple skin disorders from the back to the buttocks and legs.

I made my way by car to the Lam Wah Ee Hospital at 8:45pm and met up with his son Chow Hock Choy at the lobby who was in desperate need to seek God’s healing upon his father. I was led to Ward 502 where there were two other young female Christians standing at his father’s bedside. It was such a pitiful sight to see the patient curled up like a prawn and wearing an oxygen mask over his face.

I exercised authority with mountain-moving faith or faith of God with anointing oil in the Name and blood of Jesus Christ. I worked from the top to the bottom of his body and commanded him to sit up. I held him up by the hand and he gradually sat up for a while. Weakened by the surgery and medical treatment given by the doctors and nurses, he fell back heavily with a thud!

By the grace of God, hopefully the doctors and nurses will discharge him from the hospital. The other young females started to cry as they witnessed God’s powerful healing of this shrivelled man. They felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the man’s son fell on his knees praising God with all his heart.

I left the scene and made my way out of the hospital having done my duty as a servant of God.

Sola Gratia – All for the glory of God”

-Brother Andrew

Miraculous healings through Sister Lilian

“I tried out what Brother William taught us at The Elijah Challenge Basic Training, and it did work. Jesus did what He said He will do. When I ministered to the people, they got healed, and I was more surprised than they wre. I mean, I did not expect the healing to happen so easily. One lady, a Malaysian Aborigine, had the mumps and when I laid hands on her, she was healed. She said there was no more pain.

And another lady who had a stomachache was also healed. I wanted very much to ask her again and again, “are you really healed?” Really no more pain? But Irestrained myself because I did not want to cause doubt in the people who had been healed. But it did surprise me.

Thank God for bringing back the fire into my life, and I desire so much to be a fruitful disciple with whom Jesus will say He is pleased.

I am now attending FGA KL, and have since enrolled in night classes in the Bible School of Malaysia (BCM). And the Lord has been challenging me to really obey Him. I am now involved in the Orang Asli Ministry in FGA KL, and hopefully the Lord will lead me on further from there. I am really challenged to preach the gospel to the people in my country.”