September 18, 2008

Reports from Albert Kang

Host Pastor: Rev Richard Pong

The Full Gospel Assembly Setapak is situated on the 3rd and 4th level of a row of shop houses. It is a Chinese-speaking church that is among other five churches situated in the same block. In Malaysia, most churches are not given lands to build and so they have to make do with shop houses, warehouses and factory lots. Some congregations even rent hotel convention halls.

Pastor Richard Pong, the senior pastor of FGA Setapak is also the Chinese pastor of FGA Cheras. He was trained in June 2008 by Pastor Lucy at The Elijah Challenge training organized by the Cheras Pastors Fellowship. He was so blessed by it that he wanted his two churches to receive similar type of training.

My team consisted of my wife, Grace and her dad, Brother Ong Siau Hwa. This was the second time that I conducted the Elijah Challenge training in Mandarin. As an English-educated pastor, this has always served as a challenge but one that is definitely worth taking on. The training began with two Mandarin worship songs. It was so refreshing just to worship God in Mandarin.

Thirty-plus participants, who were quite enthusiastic about the training, filled the sanctuary. Thankfully, my Mandarin was flowing quite smoothly. I led the participants through the lessons about the purpose of The Elijah Challenge and how this ministry is meant for the churches in the End-time. Then they learned about the three anointings – Priestly, Prophetic and Kingly Anointing. From the encounters of David, I illustrated what boldness and kingly authority was all about.

Time flew by fast and soon it was time for the healing demonstration. The infirm quickly occupied the “healing” seats specially placed for them in the front of the sanctuary. Then those Christians who did not have infirmities were encouraged to heal these people in the name of Jesus. As all these who sought healing were also Christians, their healing would be conditional. They had to clear their hearts of all malice and sins. To do that, I invited Pastor Pong to lead his congregation in a prayer of confession and repentance.

As this first-time healing team laid their hands on the infirm, I gave the commands for the diseases and infirmities to leave these people. I had told the infirm to get ready to testify once they were healed. After the first command, a church member came forth to testify that the long-time pain in her back was gone. Since Pastor Pong was very well-versed with Mandarin, I invited him to give the second and third commands. He did it perfectly in Mandarin and the people followed word for word. As the faith of the people increased, more people were healed.

Soon people lined up on the stage to testify. A young lady beamed brightly as she testified of her shoulder being healed. Another lady had pain on her back and leg. She had come to be healed but due to the lack of healing crew, I had asked her to heal another lady who had intense pain in the knees. The Lord was merciful and even before the person with the knee pain was healed, this lady’s pain was gone completely. A young lady with sciatic nerve pain testified that she was completely healed. A lady, who had probed up one of her feet to be healed, testified that apart from the big toe being healed, the pain at her side was gone too. More and more people testified of divine healing. Some bent over and touched their feet to test the healing. Elderly ladies squatted to test their healed knees. Those with back pain could twist their waist without their backs reacting in pain. Everybody was smiling with joy because of all the healing results. Finally, the training concluded with a loud applause given to the Lord.

It was a wonderful night of training and miraculous healing. I believe that there will be more healing in the next few training sessions. God is very good to us indeed!

Report filed by:

Pastor Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia