September 19-21, 2008

Reports from Albert Kang

Host Pastor: Rev Richard Pong

This is the second report on what God had done at FGA Setapak. On 19 September, we began our second session in the evening at 8 o’clock. The participants had increased in number because some church members from FGA Cheras had come to join the training. After reinforcing the importance of building up one’s faith to trust God for the healing, it was time for the healing demonstration. The participants from FGA Setapak were taking the lead in showing those from FGA Cheras the proper way of healing the infirm. As all the infirm were Christians, I requested Pastor Pong to lead them in a prayer of confession and repentance. The reason is that the healing of Christians is conditional whereas healing of non-Christians is not.

The trained believers then interviewed the infirm. This interview process was important because it helped the trained believers in determining whether the infirmities were due to natural or supernatural causes. In most instances, symptoms were the results of natural infirmities or accidents. In our experience, when symptoms seem to baffle medical practitioners or whenever we rebuke the pain, it ‘runs’ to another part of the body, we would consider these as ‘beyond natural’. We would then focus on rebuking the spirit of infirmity instead of the diseases.

Session after session, the faith of the participants increased. They encountered the infirmities, laid hands and took authority over them. They then witnessed the healing miracles and listened to the triumphant testimonies. All these left an indelible impression in their hearts. In the future, if the devil seeks to test their faith, these Elijah Challengers should be able to withstand the onslaught by recalling all the miracles that God had done in these training sessions and healing rallies. As long as their faith is strong and growing, these trained believers should continue to fulfil the Great Commission by healing the sick and sharing the Gospel.

Quite a number of people were healed during these few days. One of the more significant healings was upon a man who suffered from Parkinson Disease. During the full duration of our ministry there, he was healed progressively. In his own testimony, he said that since the first day of healing ministry, his condition had improved tremendously. When we first met him, we noticed that he was not able to walk without help and his speech was slurred. However, by the final day, he was able to walk by himself and his speech was clear.

A lady, whose one leg was shorter than the other, was also miraculously healed. Her legs returned to the same length and the pain in her hips disappeared. A man, who had a frozen right shoulder, literally gave up the idea of being healed and walked off so as to be alone at the back of the sanctuary. I noticed that and called him back. After a few trained believers took authority and commanded the pain to go, his shoulder was healed and he was able to raise his hand high.

People, with back pain, joint pain, shoulder pain, arthritic pain, knee pain, leg pain, ankle pain received miraculous healings from the Lord. One by one, they walked up the stage and testified to the glory of God. A most interesting testimony was from a man, who after returning home from the first session, was swarmed by mosquitoes. Remembering the story of Jesus having authority to calm the turbulent sea, he exercised his faith over nature and commanded the mosquitoes to go away. He rejoiced that the whole night, he slept peacefully without any harassment from those terrible insects.

The third and final training session on Saturday was a long one – beginning at 9.30 AM and it did not conclude until past one in the afternoon. The participants learned about distant healing and mass healing. They actually practiced distant healing by taking authority over the diseases and pains of their loved ones who were living in different locations.

The concluding lesson was important because it was about obedience, sanctification and holiness. The participants learned how to take authority over their own sinful thoughts and actions. Using the Ten Commandments as principles and guidelines, I explained why it was important to abide and do what they stated. I also led the participants in memorizing the Ten Commandments and they had a hilarious time. To emphasize, I told them that it was not unusual to find an increase in healing miracles when the Elijah Challengers learned to submit to God in all their ways.

The night healing rallies, though conducted in a very modest scale, were worthwhile. We thank God for all the miraculous healings but most importantly, we thank God for energizing the trained participants to become powerful witnesses for Christ. Pastor Pong said that this was the first time his two-year old church ever conducted such event. He and his church members no longer need to depend on visiting ministers with the gift of healing to conduct such rallies. They can organize such healing rallies at their own convenience.

Pastor Pong had requested that we return to conduct ‘Train-The-Trainers’ seminar, so that he and some of his leaders can become Elijah Challenge trainers themselves. Their church regularly goes on mission trips to China and would like to conduct the Elijah Challenge End-Time Model of Evangelism there. They are also interested in training Chinese churches in different parts of the world.

Report filed by:

Pastor Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia