Two Board Members took their three daughters on a mission trip to Asia during their Christmas vacation

The Elijah Challenge Training 2019: March 22-23 in Houston

Friday 12/21/2018

Al teaching on authority

200 people in attendance. About 25 pastors. The beginning of the Elijah Challenge Training PowerPoint talks about how churches thrive and grow when proclaiming the Kingdom of God. There were about 15 people who were previously trained – 10 women and 5 men. Asked them to come forward and pray and instructed them to pray over the sick. About 40 people came forward asking for prayer. We heard testimony from most of them – all were healed except one boy, about age 2, who was lame. God moved powerfully. The Lord was present and manifested Himself powerfully.

Saturday 12/22

Charlotte and Lisa teaching, Victoria with accompaniment – singing and guitar

Of 85 in attendance, 75 were women. Two women came forward to give their testimony from yesterday. They spoke about how God was on fire in them as they received healing. One lady was in such great pain that she could barely come forward but experienced a miracle in her life that day. Another lady spoke about Lisa’s teaching and how it encouraged her and turned her life around.

Charlotte (age 18) – Psalm 22 – worshipping God. – David lamented being surrounded by evil people but looking forward to God. The story of trouble and vindication and God’s role in redemption.

Worship is to make the name of God known. Charlotte made many disciples. She asked who would take the message to others and all raised their hands!

Thursday 12/27

Simon taught in a rural village 20 kilometers from Haryana. Saw many people healed and salvations as Simon led the group in prayer. About 200 in attendance. About 100 accepted Christ.

Friday 12/28

Margaret, Lisa, and Charlotte spoke on rooftop church in Haryana. About 100 in attendance. Many were new believers. All 3 preached the gospel which resulted in the Holy Spirit moving in power. When Simon closed, over 30 believers came forward and were prayed over. Lisa and I prayed over a child who could not sit, he was healed and is now able to sit. Victoria prayed over a deaf child, the next morning, he was responding to his parents’ voices. Another boy who could not walk was healed. After praying over the lady with a hole in her heart, she was able to walk a few kilometers and claimed she did not feel tired for the first time.

Evening – Open Air Event

The Pastor standing in front saw a person (Jesus) manifested as a bright light that came over the whole crowd. Simon, at the same time, felt a warmth, even though it was very cold outside, and he was chilled previously. One lady had three cysts removed, another woman was filled with the Holy Spirit. About 100 accepted Jesus.

Saturday 12/29

I spoke at the same Pentecostal rooftop church. One hundred in attendance, ten trained believers prayed over ten people as a demonstration – all were healed. After more time of prayer and worship, people who were newly trained prayed over people who were infirm. About 25 more people were healed. Simon prayed after that, and more people were healed who had not been previously healed. A boy had a cyst that vanished; cancer operation left a lady in severe pain – she was healed, a lame boy could lift his leg, dislocated hip resulting in pain and it left. Lady with partial blindness could see clearly.

Sunday 12/30

Lisa and Simon spoke at the church service. Thankfulness and farewells expressed by all. Victoria sang and was so overcome by the Spirit, she began to weep while singing.


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