January 2008
Melaka, West Malaysia

The Elijah Challenge in Malaysia


Melaka is in Peninsular Malaysia (encircled)

Close-up of Peninsular Malaysia:
Melaka is just across the strait from Indonesia

Pastor Philip Sung (left) of Bethel Assembly of God

Above: Historic district of Melaka.
Note the Portuguese Fort in the center.

Above: the Portuguese Fort, a reminder of 
past conquests of the Malays by foreign invaders. 
After the Portuguese came the Dutch, then
finally the British; all were “Christian” nations

Chinatown at dusk

Above & below: training to open up ears as Jesus did.
The woman testified that she could hear much better.

Above & below: testimonies of healing
during training

Above & below: people healed as disciples laid
hands on them during the training sessions

The climactic Evangelistic Healing Rally

The trained believers line up for battle:
healing the infirm to demonstrate that Jesus
has authority to forgive sins (Mark 2:1-12)

People line up on green stage to testify
that Jesus Christ has healed them

Waiting their turns to testify of the Lord’s healing grace

Man’s hearing was restored

Then the individual laying on of hands
by the believers

Elderly woman testifies she is healed